Interested in Robotics, Optimization, or System Design?  In the Robotics, Automation, and Design group we explore topics ranging from operations research, system design, and optimization to industrial and medical Robotics and haptic interactions.  Research in this division explores advances in robotics, automation, operations research, and the science of complex systems design and optimization. On the robotics side, we explore the design of systems and machine-user interfaces for medicine, rehabilitation, infrastructure inspection, and remote exploration.  On the Design and Optimization side, we explore classical operations research and machine learning as it applies to complex scheduling, managing integrated systems, such as those that occur in energy and mining operations, and designing and operating manufacturing facilities. Explore the pages of our faculty and various research groups for further insight on our research interests, accomplishments, and how you might fit in. 



Alexandra Newman

Andrew Petruska

Brian Thomas

Xiaoli Zhang



Research Groups and Laboratories

New Engineering and Applied Technology ( NEAT)

Design Innovation and Computational Engineering (DICE) Laboratory


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