2013 Highlights

December 2013

Graduating senior Paul Wilson was named the Outstanding Graduating Senior from MME for the December commencement ceremonies.  In the picture to the left he is receiving the recognition plaques from Prof. Van Tyne.  Wilson will be continuing his studies as a graduate student in the Center for Advanced Nonferrous Structural Alloys (CANFSA) at Colorado School of Mines.


Three KIEM graduate students have received scholarships from SME MPD.  Jordan Rutledge has been awarded the Richard Klimpel Memorial Scholarship.  Caelen Anderson and Joesph Grogan received Mineral & Metallurgical Processing Division Scholarships.  They will be recognized at the SME MPD annual luncheon in Salt Lake City next year.  In the photo at the right, Prof. Patrick Taylor is presenting the award to Caelen Anderson.

The Colorado School of Mines Material Advantage Chapter (CSMMAC) won the Material Advantage Fall Membership Challenge for the most creative recruiting strategy.

November 2013

The Center for Welding, Joining and Coatings Research (CWJCR) was well represented in the 2013 FabTech event. FabTech is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. The American Welding Society also holds their yearly technical meeting – the Professional Program – at the FabTech event. The 2013 meeting was held in Chicago, Illinois at the McCormick Place. CWJCR reaffirmed its prominent position amongst the top research universities in the field of welding and joining by having eight oral presentations. Profs. Stephen Liu (CWJCR Director) and John Steele (Mechanical Engineering), traveled to Chicago with graduate students Stephen Tate, Erik Pfeif, Ali AlShawaf, and Andrew Neill. CWJCR sponsored the CSM student travels to attend the conference and to make their presentations. Scott Nelson, a former graduate of CWM-CWJCR and now with Rolls-Royce, was also present to deliver his masters research results.

October 2013

MME Senior and cross country runner Derek Alcorn was named Mines Student Athlete of the Week.  He place 13th out of 243 runners in the renowned Standford International race in Palo Alto, CA.  He was the second fastest Division II competitor.  He is a two-time All American.

Research Prof. Ivan Cornejo, Prof. Ivar Reimanis and CCAC graduate student Subramanian Ramalingam were interviewed by local ABC television station for their invention of the trash to glass process. The video clip of the interview is available on line.

For the second time, CSMMAC (CSM Materials Advantage Chapter) has been the winner of the Chapter of Excellence Award.  Sarah Holmes was the president during the 2012-13 year.  She provided the leadership and guidance necessary for the chapter to be recognized for this honor.

Research Professor Richard Ahrenkiel gave an invited seminar at Purdue University.  He spoke on the comparison of techniques for measuring carrier recombination lifetime. He also gave an invited talk at the University of Toledo on the current techniques for measuring carrier recombination lifetime.

Professor Corinne Packard gave an invited seminar at Colorado University.  She presented work on residual stess and mechanical properties in transparent conducting oxide contacts.

September 2013

Prof. Corby Anderson gave a plenary lecture at the 18th International Conference of Mineral Processing held in Lower Silesia, Poland.  He spoke on new copper and silver production methods.

Research Prof. Richard Ahrenkiel presented an invited talk at the recent International Materials Congress in Cancun, Mexico.  He spoke on resonant coupling of the contactless measurement of carrier lifetime.  The work was in collaboration with Dr. Steve Johnston of NREL.

Research Prof. Ivan Cornejo in cooperation with Prof. Ivar Reimanis and CCAC graduate student Subramanian Ramalingam filed for a provisional patent on producing glass from food waste.  The news of this filing was featured in Ceramic Tech Today.

Prof. Jeff King was interviewed on the local TV station KDVR about plutonium contamination from Rocky Flats in light of the recent flooding in Colorado.

Prof. Corby Anderson presented a lecture to the Colorado Section of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America.  He spoke on the challenges and opportunities of critical and strategic metals.

ASPPRC graduate student Ana Luiza Araujo received a Roberto Rocca Education Program Fellowship (supported by Ternium, Tenaris, and Techint companies).  The fellowship will allow her to study the effects of niobium additions in C-Mn-Si quenched and partitioned steels.

August 2013

Again this year through the generous support of ArcelorMittal, the senior class had the opportunity to visit their steel making facilities in the Chicago area.  This annual trip has become a highlight and allows the students to see steel making processes up close.  It also allows the students to interact with technical professionals.  Prof. Kip Findley has been the prime lead at CSM for this wonderful start to our semester.

As part of the annual Celebration of Mines CSMMAC (CSM Materials Advantage Chapter) ran a table to provide demonstrations and get first year students interested in MME.  In the picture at the right (from left to right behind the table) Amanda Erskine, Will Ash, Tyrel Jacobsen and Paul Wilson are providing an interesting demo for two first year students.

Prof. Chester Van Tyne was recognized at a recent FIERF (Forging Industry Education and Research Foundation) for 25 years of excellence in research and education as the FIERF Professor at CSM.  In the picture Rob Mayer the president of the FIERF board is presenting the plaque to Van Tyne as Anthony Dean, Dean of the College of Applied Science and Engineering at CSM looks on.

MME Senior Evody Tshijik Karumb was selected to receive a WAAIME scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year.  In the photo she is being congratulated by Prof. Michael Kaufman.



July 2013

Speer Named to John Henry Moore Chair

 Prof. John Speer has been names as the John Henry Moore Distinguished Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.  Speer received his D.Phil degree from University of Oxford in 1983 and then worked as research engineer and supervisor at Bethlehem Steel Corp until 1997 when he joined the MME department at CSM.  He has been instrumental in helping the ASPPRC develop into a world class research center focused on the physical metallurgy of steel. He and his students and colleagues have made high quality contributions to the technical literature of steel including his invention of the quenched and partitioning process. This innovative process is currently being implemented by several steel companies worldwide as it allows for the production of high strength steels with higher ductility as compared to standard processing methods.

Research Prof. Richard Ahrenkiel and Donald Dunlavy have been awarded a US patent for a transmission-modulated photoconductive decay measurement system.

June 2013

The Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center (ASPPRC) and the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) sponsored the International Symposium on New Developments in Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steels held in Vail, Colorado. Approximately 150 attendees participated representing 15 countries. Research Professor Emmanuel De Moor and Prof. John Speer were on the organizing committee and a number of ASPPRC graduate students attended. Graduate students James Johnson and Tyson Brown made presentations on their steel research.

MME graduate student John Moseley won the best student poster award at the Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in Tampa, FL.  His poster was on the characterization of deposited CdTe thin films for solar cell applications. Research Prof. Richard Ahrenkiel is his advisor and the project is funded by NREL as part of the NREL internship program.

Prof. John Speer has been appointed as the director of the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center (ASPPRC).  He is the third director of this internationally recognized center.  He replaces Prof. David Matlock, who was the co-founder of the Center with Prof. George Krauss in 1984, and served as director since 1993.  Under Matlock's direction ASPPRC has grown into one of the most successful industry-university cooperative research centers in the world.  Presently there are 30 sponsoring companies for the center activities.

May 2013

At the May graduation ceremonies under a beautiful blue Colorado sky, 30 students received their baccalaureate degrees, 17 received masters degrees and 10 PhD degrees were awarded from the MME department.  Of special note were the seniors in the program that were recognized with special honors.  Scott Harper and Ryan Marshall were recognized as the Outstanding Graduates in MME.  They both graduated summa cum laude.  Liz Hunter received the McIvar-MME faculty award.  Tiffani Oney was presented with the Clark B. Carpenter Award.  Jordan Rutledge and Danielle Hering received the Mary and Charles Cavanaugh Memorial Award.  Jordan Rutledge also was recognized with the H.L. Hazen Award in Process Metallurgy.

Senior Scott Harper has received the school-wide Waltman Award. The Waltman Award winner is recognized by CSM for his/her school and community activities, academic excellence and promise in the future.

Prof. Corby Anderson along with co-inventors Dr. Paul Miranda of Thompson Creek minerals and Dr. Ed Rosenberg of University of Montana were granted a US patent for styrene based ion exchange resins with oxine functionalized groups.  The original work was focused on separating iron and gallium, but the technology may have future applicability to the separation of rare earth elements.

Graduate student Caryn Homsher was recognized by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of ASM International with the Young Member of the Year Award for 2013.  In the picture she is receiving the award from Research Prof. Emmanuel De Moor, who served as the chairman of the Rocky Mountain Chapter this year.

Graduate student Ryan France has been awarded the William Bonner Scholarship from the Olen Foundation.  The funds will support his work in crystal growth.  Prof. Brian Gorman is his advisor.

April 2013

At the recent SAE World Congress Research Prof. Emmanuel De Moor along with Profs. David Matlock and John Speer in conjunction with C. Fojer of Arcelor Mittal and J. Penning of Ghent University received the 2012 Sydney H. Melbourne Award for Excellence in Advancement of Automotive Sheet Steel by SAE and AISI for their recent paper which compared the hole expansion properties of steels produced by various processes.  The picture at right shows Matlock and DeMoor with their plaques.

Senior Scott Harper has received the school-wide Waltman Award.  The Waltman Award winner is recognized by CSM for his/her school and community activities, academic excellence and promise in the future.

Prof. Gerald Bourne was recognized by the graduating seniors as the Outstanding Faculty Member in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

Graduate student Savannah Fitzwater has received a student conference scholarship from the North American Young Generation in Nuclear.  The funding will allow her to attend the 2013 Professional Development Workshop and Conference in Washington, DC.

Prof. Chester Van Tyne took his Forging and Forming class to visit the Western Forge plant in Colorado Springs.  Western Forge makes hand tools (e.g. wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, etc.).  The students were able to see the hammer forge shop as well as the other manufacturing operations that are needed to produce high quality hand tools.  The Forging Industry Education and Research Foundation (FIERF) provided funding that allowed the trip to occur.

March 2013

Mines Wins Materials Bowl for 4th Time

The MME student team defended its championship status and won the TMS Materials Bowl for the fourth time in the last five years.  The team was pressed during the opening round and correctly answered the last question worth 5 points to edge out a victory by 2.  The semifinal and final matches were not as close with the CSM team dominating those two contests.  The team members this year were Greg Lehnhoff (captain), Ellen Verkler, Liz Hunter and Paul Wilson.  An interesting note is that Lehnhoff has been a member of all four  victorious teams for CSM.  The team was supported by the large contingency of students and faculty who were attending the TMS meeting in San Antonio, TX.

At the recent meeting of the CSM Board of Trustees the status of University Professor Emeritus was bestowed on Prof. David Olson, who is presently on a 3-year transitional appointment.  He retired from CSM last summer after 40 years of service at CSM.  At the same meeting the BOT indicated that when Prof. David Matlock retires on May 31 of this year he will also be recognized as a University Professor Emeritus.  Prof. Matlock started at CSM in 1972 and will begin a 3-year transitional appointment on July 1.  Over the years the MME students have benefited from the teaching, mentoring and guidance given by Profs. Olson and Matlock.  It is truly fitting that they be recognized by the BOT with this special honor.

The students in the Forging and Forming class were able to tour A. Finkl & Sons in Chicago, IL.  They were able to observe steelmaking, the 8000 ton press, heat treatment and machining operations.  Guy Brada (MME BS 1989, MS 1993), chief metallurgist at Finkl, was the host of the visit.  The students benefited from not only seeing the facilities but the insightful lectures and interactions with the Finkl engineers.  Finkl has provided generous support for this tour since 2000.

February 2013

Graduate student Nina Vollmer was awarded the Best in CSM Materials Science for her poster at the recent Graduate Student Research Exhibition: Conference on Earth & Energy Research 2013.  She presented her work on combustion synthesis of calcium phosphate blocks doped with silver for treatment of large scale battlefield injuries.

Kelly Hummel joined the MME staff as the Graduate Education Specialist.  She will be working from a desk in the main department office.

January 2013

Kroll Institute Part of Rare Earth Hub

The Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy (KIEM) has been named as a significant participant in the $120M 5-year U.S. Department of Energy program that will focus on new research efforts to address shortages in rare earth and other critical materials.  The Critical Materials Institute team will be led by Ames Laboratory in Iowa.  The technical work at CSM will be under the direction of Prof. Patrick Taylor, Prof. Brajendra Mishra, and Prof. Corby Anderson.

The Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy (KIEM) PhD graduate student Caelen Anderson received the Henry DeWitt Scholarship.  In the photo he is receiving the scholarship check from Prof. Michael Kaufman (right).  Prof. Patrick Taylor the Director of KIEM (left) looks on.  The Henry DeWitt Scholarship assists worthy students in the pursuit of their graduate education in the Mining, Metallurgical, Materials, or Petroleum Departments of leading universities and colleges.

PhD graduate student Joe Grogan from the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy (KIEM) received the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Mineral & Metallurgical Processing Division (MPD) Richard Klimpel Scholarship for 2013.  In the photo Prof. Patrick Taylor (left), Director of KIEM and Prof. Michael Kaufman (right) are presenting the scholarship check.  The MPD Scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing careers in the area of mineral processing. 

Senior MME student Jordan Rutledge has been awarded a scholarship from the EPD (Extraction & Processing Division) of TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society).



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