500-Level Course Enrollment

Undergraduate senior-level students have the option to register for Graduate-level courses without being a registered Graduate student. (Please see the Class Standing page for more information on the requirements for senior-level standing.) At least a 2.5 GPA is required. The necessary forms for attending these courses are available in the Registrar's Office. Because the form is only available during registration, an electronic version of the form is not available.

In obtaining approval signatures, the normal sequence is to obtain the instructor signature first, then the advisor signature, and finally the signature of the Graduate Studies Office representative.  However, if the student needs additional information regarding the transcript options, the Graduate Studies Office can be consulted (and approval obtained) before the advisor signature is obtained.

Credits earned in 500-level courses may be applied toward a Graduate degree at Mines only if:

  1. The student gains admission to the Graduate School. If the student is enrolled in a Combined Bachelors/Masters program, he or she must be accepted to the program before census day of the semester in which he or she takes the course/s to have the courses displayed on the graduate transcript rather than the undergraduate transcript.
  2. The student's graduate committee agrees that these credits are a reasonable part of his or her graduate program.
  3. The student provides proof that the course/s in question was not counted towards those required for the Bachelor's degree unless the course is part of the 6.0 credit hours that can be double counted towards both the Bachelor and Masters degrees.
  4. Graduate courses applied to a graduate degree may not count toward eligibility for undergraduate financial aid. This may only be done if a student has been admitted to a Combined BS/MS program and has received the appropriate prior approvals.

Undergraduate students may not enroll in 600- or 700-level courses.

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