Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all of the university's academic activities.

As chief academic officer of the university, the Provost  and Executive Vice President seeks to attract and retain the best faculty and to assist them in offering an outstanding education for Mines students.

General Contact Information


Tel: (303) 273-3320
Fax (303) 273-3040

Academic Calendars

Dr. Tom Boyd
Interim Provost
(303) 273-3020

Kevin Moore
Dean of CECS
(303) 273-3898

Michael Kaufman
Dean of CASE
(303) 273-3009

Ramona Graves
Dean of CERSE
(303) 273-3746

Kay Godel-Gengenbach
International Programs
(303) 384-2120

Lara Medley
(303) 273-3204

Kay Schneider
Director of Assessment
(303) 273-3087

Sam Spiegel
Director Trefney Innovative Instruction Center
(303) 273-3884

Tina Voelker
Interim Dean of Graduate Studies
(303) 273-3152

Jennie Kenney
Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs and Dr. Boyd
(303) 273-3399

Vanessa Gonzalez
Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs
(303) 273-3529

Aurea Tolnay
Academic Affairs Administrative Specialist
(303) 273-3320