Building Operations Division

 Mechanical Division

Mike Willey 303-384-2078

The building operations division is responsible for operation and maintenance all buildings on campus. We provide services for the following:


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)


Fire Alarm

Climate Control/Temperature Issues


Building Operations
Stephen Garcia 303-273-3232

The building operations group is responsible for the day to day operation of the elevators, HVAC equipment, temperature or climate control equipment, and emergency repairs related to these systems.

• Coordinate maintenance and emergency repair of all campus elevators
• Respond to elevator entrapment during campus business hours
• Coordinate related code compliance testing, inspections and repairs
Indoor Air Quality Equipment and Systems
• Air handling systems
• Fume and general exhaust systems
• Air distribution systems and devices

Building Systems Supporting Equipment
• Compressors
• Pumps
• Fans
• Valves
• Coils
• Tanks
• Process Cooling Systems

Building Heating and Air Conditioning
• Building air and water cooled chillers and microprocessors
• Condensing air and water cooler units
• Cooling towers
• All boilers, components and self-contained boiler controls
• Evaporative cooling equipment
• Cooling, heating and evaporative coils

Campus Temperature Controls
• Campus Temperature Control Network Diagnostic and Programming
• Building Temperature Control (Climate Control) and Building Comfort Work Orders (Indoor Air Quality, Hot and Cold Calls for buildings with DDC and Pneumatic Temperature Control Systems).
• Implement Temperature Control Modifications
• All Capital, Controlled and In-House Projects
• Temperature Control Commissioning
• Campus Temperature Control & Equipment Operation Scheduling and Optimization
• Respond to building automation system alarms

Campus Building Systems
• HVAC Air and Water Balancing
• Campus Critical Alarm Call Out Responsibilities
• Respond to Equipment Failure and Troubleshooting
• Campus Owned Site Lighting Controls through Campus EMS

HVAC Preventative Maintenance
Trent Wolf 303-273-3238

The HVAC preventative maintenance group is responsible for the routine maintenance and minor repair of the HVAC equipment, HVAC fire protection, and water treatment for the HVAC systems.

Campus Building Systems
• Fan filters
• Fan systems
• Lubrication
• Fan coils
• Fan Powered VAV boxes
• Rotating equipment
• Bearing replacement
• Belt replacement
• Sheave alignment and replacement
• Air compressors
• Cooling towers
• Condenser water systems
• Building heating and cooling pumps
• Evaporative cooling systems
• Air curtains
• Kitchen hood cleaning

Fire Protection Equipment Preventative Maintenance
• Smoke evacuation exhaust fans and actuators
• Coordinate with Electrical Division for duct smoke detection equipment
• Fire and Smoke dampers and actuators
• Perform related code compliance inspections


Building Operations and Engineering Support

This area of Facilities Management includes the Mechanical Division (managment of environmental and other "automatic" control systems), the Electrical Division (Campus and Building Electrical Distribution, Fire Alarms, etc.).

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