Blackboard External Resources

The Official Blackboard Help Site has many useful resources for Blackboard instructors and students:

  • Tutorials and instructions: These resources may include animated, interactive tutorials or Best Practices Tip Sheets.
  • Course Cartridges: From the Blackboard Course Cartridges website:
    "Course Cartridges are pre-packaged course materials, ready to use in Blackboard. They contain a variety of materials that can include slides, documents, multimedia files, links to related websites, test banks, and quizzes, all of professional editorial quality. The cartridge materials often correlate to a textbook or eBook, although some cartridges are meant to be used stand-alone. All Cartridge materials can be customized once they've been downloaded to your specific coursesite."

To access the videos and tutorials on the Official Blackboard Help site:

From there you may choose from a number of self-study topics to help you master many aspects of using the Blackboard Learning System (Ver 9.1 SP18).

To search for "Course Cartridges":

  • Go to
  • If you find a Course Cartridge that you are interested in using, you must obtain an "Access Key" from the contact listed with the Course Cartridge information. After your new Blackboard course has been created (use the Course Request form), using your Access Key, you will be able to "Import the Course Cartridge" via your course Control Panel.


  • When you use or view any of the Blackboard Inc. documents, keep in mind that CSM has the Learn version of Blackboard installed; we do not, at this time, have the Community or Content systems enabled.
  • Some features that are mentioned in the Blackboard Instructor Manual or other Blackboard Inc. documentation may not be enabled on the CSM Blackboard system. (For example, for course, account and resource management reasons, we have disabled the features that would allow students to create a Blackboard account and would allow instructors to create or copy Blackboard courses.) 


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