Connecting to "eduroam"

The new Mines eduroam wireless network gives you an encrypted wireless connection on campus, and access to the wireless networks of other participating institutions and organizations while traveling. It can be used in place of the standard Mines campus network CSMwireless.

But before you can connect a computer to eduroam you need to install your unique profile which can be downloaded from:, it's highly advised you install the profile before departing on a trip.

For Android smartphones, the eduroam CAT app must be installed first from the Play Store or, afterwards, connect to the eduroam network and login in to the app.

To use eduroam, connect to the eduroam wireless network at a participating institution and enter your full qualified username, e.g., and your MultiPass password (also used for your email and Trailhead account).

For more general information on eduroam please go to


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