Deepwater Research Projects

Active Projects:

  • On the hydrodynamic fractionation of minerals, grain sizes, and grain shapes in distributive deepwater environments
  • Stratigraphic architecture of an asymmetrical, structurally confined basin: Towsley Formation, California
  • Stratigraphic architecture of the channel-lobe transition zone
  • Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of structurally confined submarine fans, Guaso Formation, Spain and Modelo Formation, California
  • Hierarchical stacking of lobes in submarine fan deposits, Pt. Loma Fm.
  • Structure-stratigraphy interactions in the Ainsa Basin, Spain
  • Quantifying spatial and temporal patterns in growth
  • Fault bounded fairways in deepwater depositional systems
  • On the hierarchy of shale-lengths in distributive submarine fans
  • Quantitative relationship between sinuosity and symmetry in submarine channels
  • Relating stacking patterns of submarine channels to reservoir characteristics
  • Stratigraphic architecture of a conduit that connects two laterally adjacent submarine minibasins, Annot Sandstone


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