Oredigger Camp 2017

Are you ready to embark on a once in a lifetime experience? Start your Mines Carreer off right by attending Oredigger Camp. Be apart of the first ever Oreidgger Camp and help set a campus tradition for years to come! 


July 31st - August 2nd, 2017

August 2nd - 4th, 2017


REGISTRATION WILL OPEN  in early June, we are sorry for the delay. Emails will be sent to Student and Family email addresses on file when registration is ready.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is Oredigger Camp? 

What do we do at Oredigger Camp? 

How Long is Oredigger Camp? 

Who runs Oredigger Camp?

Where is Oredigger Camp? 

What is provided if I attend?

When is registration?





What is Oredigger Camp?

Oredigger Camp is a brand new program designed to foster connections between incoming students and to current Mines students, faculty and staff. This is the first year for Oredigger Camp and will be a unique experience and opportunity for first year students to help solidify a tradition that will be present for years to come. 

 What do we do at Oredigger Camp?

Oredigger Camp will be a combination of engineering related small group challenges, team builders, and curriculum based around self-development and leadership. This will be built around other camp style activities such as, ropes course, bonfires, and other outdoor activities. 

How long is Oredigger Camp? 

Oredigger Camp is a 2.5 Day Camp.  

It begins at 8am on day one (on campus) and ends at 1:30pm (2.5 days later on campus)

Who runs Oredigger Camp? 

Just like the rest of our Orientation program, Oredigger Camp will be led by the Peer Mentor Staff. Peer Mentors are some of our most successful and involved students on campus and will be a great reasource for students throughout their carreer. 

Where is Oredigger Camp?

Camp Como (11 miles outside of Fairplay)
11117 Pine St, Como, CO 80432

What is provided? 

Transportion to and from the camp is provided. Lodging is provided. Food is provided.

When is registration? 


Early June.
You can check back soon, but you will also recieve an email when registration is open. 



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