Catalog Change

Graduate Students

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for information regarding changing your catalog.

Undergraduate Students

You may change your catalog in order to meet requirements for graduation. Students may change to a newer catalog but cannot change to an older catalog. (For example, a student may switch from the 2007-2008 catalog to the 2009-2010 catalog, but may not change to the 2005-2006 catalog.) The Catalog Change form can be found online herePDF versionText only version. To submit a Catalog Change form, all of the following information must be completed:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your CWID.
  3. The catalog you are currently following and the catalog that you are changing to.
  4. The reason you are changing your catalog. (If you advisor/department recommended the change if the requirements for your degree have been updated, etc.)
  5. Your expected graduation date.
  6. Your signature.
  7. Your academic advisor's signature is required.
  8. Your department head's signature is required.

Once the form is completed and the required signatures have been obtained, please return the form to the Registrar's Office for processing. If you have already received your Official Degree Audit, you will receive a new one with the updated catalog within four to six weeks.


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