Census Day Information

Census Day is the deadline to:

  • Add or drop courses.
    • Summer Only - Students may not drop their last class on Trailhead (see Summer Withdrawals for more information). 
  • Change course sections.
  • Request courses for no credit.
  • Complete Registration Action Forms.
  • Withdraw from term completely with 100% refund.
  • Add or drop waitlists from courses.
  • Authorize College Opportunity Fund.

The census days for upcoming semesters are as follows:

NOTE Review the Academic CalendarPDF versionText only version for the most accurate and current information.

  • Fall 2016 - Census Day is September 6th
  • Spring 2017 - Census Day is January 25th
  • Summer I, 2017 - Census Day is May 19th
  • Summer II, 2017 - Census Day is June 30th
  • Fall 2017 - Census Day is September 5th
  • Spring 2018 - Census Day is January 24th
  • Summer I, 2018 - Census Day is May 18th
  • Summer II, 2018 - Census Day is June 29th

Fall/Spring Withdrawals

After Census Day, a student may withdraw from a course using a Change of Schedule form. These are picked up in the Registrar's Office. Change of Schedule forms are due to the Registrar's Office by the Last Withdrawal date. Students who have completed two or more semesters at Mines have until the Last Withdrawal - Continuing Students date. Students who have completed less than two semesters at Mines, including Mines graduates continuing to graduate school, have until the Last Withdrawal - New Students date. Review the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Students who complete a Change of Schedule form will receive a "W" on their transcript and will not receive a refund for the course.

Students may not complete a Change of Schedule form to withdraw from their last class at Mines.

There is a $5 processing fee for each Change of Schedule form received.

If a student wishes to drop a class and have it removed from his or her schedule, or if a student wishes to register for additional classes after the census day, he or she must complete a Petition for Late Course Add or Withdrawal. This form must be picked up from the Registrar's office. The Petition for Late Course Add or Withdrawal may only be completed for extenuating circumstances defined as medical or legal only.

Summer Withdrawals

Students may complete an Undergraduate/Graduate Summer Only Withdrawal Form to withdraw from all of their summer courses. If a student has multiple summer courses and chooses to withdraw from one of those courses, they may complete a Change of Schedule form.

NOTE Students may not drop their last summer course online through Trailhead. They must complete the Undergraduate/Graduate Summer Only Withdrawal form.

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