Fall 2016 Commencement

December 2016 the Colorado School of Mines will have two Fall Commencement Ceremonies.

The Undergraduate ceremony is scheduled for Friday, December 16th  at 9:30 am in the Lockridge Arena. 

The Graduate - MS and PHD - ceremony is scheduled for Friday, December 16th at 3:00 pm in the Lockridge Arena (click on link 'Graduate Info' on Right sidebar for information)

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Friday, December 16th , 2016

Congratulations Graduates! Commencement is a time of celebration for Colorado School of Mines, our graduates, and their families. Steeped in tradition, the Colorado School of Mines Commencement Ceremony is one of the most honored and revered events of the year. It is a time to honor our students for the journey they have completed and celebrate the one they are beginning.

This year's event will be live streamed for the convenience of guests who are unable to attend the ceremony.  The link to this event is:

Colorado School of Mines December 2016 Fall Commencement

Details for May 12, 2017 Commencement ceremonies will be announced soon.

Security Request

Due to recent events, we are requesting that all graduates and their guests refrain from bringing bags, backpacks, large purses, etc. to the Commencement Ceremony. Please leave these items at home or in your vehicle.

Degree candidates will receive a limited number of tickets to Lockridge Arena. The number of tickets allotted to each student will be determined prior to the SALUTE event. SALUTE will be the first opportunity for students to obtain their tickets. After SALUTE, undergraduates may bring their completed check-out form to the Student Life Office located in the Student Center, suite E240.  Tickets for Commencement will only be issued to graduates once the check-out process has been completed. 


Check-out cards and tickets will be handed out at the SALUTE event. Graduation SALUTE will be held Thursday October 13th from 10:00am - 4:00 pm in the Student Center Grand Ballroom This is your opportunity to complete the check-out process early, so plan on attending. If you would like to get a “jump-start” on checking out, you can complete the following prior to SALUTE:

Check-out Deadline

Please note: The Commencement check-out deadline for Undergraduates is November 4th, 2016. The check-out deadline for Graduate students go to:  http://inside.mines.edu/Graduation-Checklist .  Failure to complete check-out by this date will result in your name being pulled from the ceremony. There are no exceptions.