Graduate Student Commencement Preparation

  • Order personalized announcements
  • Make arrangements for graduates or guests with SPECIAL NEEDS by emailing Suzanne Beach at
  • Review ceremony dates and times
  • Complete the Student FINANCIAL AID exit loan counseling
  • Check Parking Services for PARKING information
  • Pick up your cap & gown:
    • Master's students will be notified when the gowns are available for pick up at the bookstore, or they will be available for pick up at graduation practice. The cap & tassel will be handed out at check-in the day of the ceremony.
      • The gown and hood must be returned to the bookstore.
      • The cap & tassel are yours to keep. 
    • PhD students will pick up the gown and tam (hat) at check-in the day of the ceremony. 
      • The gown and tam must be returned after the ceremony.
      • The hood is yours to keep.
        • Purchase your own regalia-Optional (PhDs only): You may purchase the Mines doctoral regalia gown and tam from Jostens.
          • To order, contact Shelly McClellan with Jostens at 303-921-6662 or
          • Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
  • Order your photos after the ceremony
    • emails from the photographer will be sent directly to students

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no graduation ceremony in August. Students who have their degree awarded in August may walk in the December graduation ceremony.