Construction and Design Standards

The Construction  and Design Standards are working documents.  Capital Planning and Construction periodically updates sections as necessary.  Please review these documents for changes prior to starting any new project.  If there are questions or concerns, please contact Kathy Burris at 303-273-3566 or


Campus Standards and Guidelines for Construction :


ODC Directory

Office of Design and Construction
1801 19th Street
Golden, CO 80401
Main (303)273-3568

Mike Bowker, PE

Director, Office of Design and Construction



Clay Bosworth 

Project Manager

(303) 273-3338


Kathy Burris

Project Administration Manager

(303) 273-3566


David Feron, P.E.




Robert Lee, AIA


(303) 384-2519


Susan Miner, AIA


(303) 384-2517


Mike Ray

Project Planner



Sheri Atencio-Church

Contracts Administrator


Procurement and Business Operations
Supporting the Office of Design & Construction and Operations


Chris Cocallas, AIA

Assistant Vice President, Planning and Design

University Architect

(303) 273-3920