Steven DeCaluwe


Assistant Professor
Brown Hall W410B

Dr. DeCaluwe comes to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CSM after completing a National Research Council post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He obtained his undergraduate degree from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University in Elementary Education and Mathematics, and taught 1st and 2nd grade for 3 years before attending graduate school at the University of Maryland. His PhD work focused on the use of cerium oxide as a carbon-tolerant catalyst in solid oxide fuel cells, and involved experimental work as well as mathematical modeling.

Dr. DeCaluwe’s work at NIST utilized neutron reflectometry experiments to study solid electrolyte interphase formation in Lithium-ion batteries and water uptake in thin-film polymers for PEM fuel cells. His work at CSM focuses on interfacial studies of electrochemical energy systems, in particular the use of in situ measurements to validate and assist in scale-up of atomistic models.

Recent Publications

  • Eastman, S.A., Kim, S., Page, K.A., Rowe, B.W., Kang, S.H., DeCaluwe, S.C., Dura, J.A., Soles, C.L., Yager, K.G. (2013), “Effect of confinement on structure, water solubility, and water transport in Nafion thin films”, Macromolecules, 46(2), 571.
  • Owejan, J.E., Owejan, J.P., DeCaluwe, S.C., and Dura, J.A. (2012), “Solid electrolyte interphase in Li-ion batteries: evolving structures measured in situ by neutron reflectometry”, Chem. Mat., 24(11), 2133.
  • DeCaluwe, S.C., and Jackson, G.S. (2011), “Experimentally validated simulations of undoped ceria electrodes for H2 oxidation and H2O electrolysis in solid oxide electrochemical cells”, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells XII, 35(1), 2883.
  • DeCaluwe, S.C., Grass, M.E., Zhang, C.J., El Gabaly, F., Bluhm, H., Liu, Z., Jackson, G.S., McDaniel, A.H., McCarty, K.F., Farrow, R.L., Linne, M.A., Hussain, Z., and Eichhorn, B.W. (2010), “In situ characterization of ceria oxidation states in high-temperature electrochemical cells with ambient pressure XPS”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 114(46), 19853.
  • Zhang, C.J., Grass, M.E., McDaniel, A.H., DeCaluwe, S.C., El Gabaly, F., Liu, Z., McCarty, K.F., Farrow, R.L., Linne, M.A., Hussain, Z., Jackson, G.S., Bluhm, H., Eichhorn, B.W. (2010), “Measuring fundamental properties in operating solid oxide electrochemical cells by using in situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy”, Nat. Mater., 9(11), 944.

Recent Courses

  • Thermodynamics
  • Fuel Cell Science Technology

Research Projects

  • Interfacial and finite thickness effects in water solubility and transport in polymer electrolyte fuel cell catalyst layers.
  • In situ characterization and optimization of the Li-ion battery solid electrolyte interface.
  • In operando measurement of structural evolution in thin-film amorphous Silicon anodes for Li-ion batteries .

Research Labs and Centers

Colorado Fuel Cell Center



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