Douglas L. Van Bossuyt


Assistant Professor
Brown Hall W370C

Douglas L. Van Bossuyt comes from a stint in industry as a probabilistic risk assessment engineer at NuScale Power, LLC where he helped in the development and commercialization of small modular reactor technology and helped to guide risk-informed design at the company. Douglas's research interests encompass complex system design, risk and reliability engineering, conceptual design, prognostics and health management, sustainable design, and design for the developing world which he approaches from a systems perspective. He has recent seminal papers on measuring engineering risk attitudes and on implementing methods of risk trading in design trade studies. Research applications include aerospace, civilian nuclear power, automotive, robotics, and other complex systems.

He earned his Ph.D in mechanical engineering from the Complex Engineered Systems Design Laboratory at Oregon State University, his masters in mechanical engineering in the National Center for Accessible Transportation at Oregon State University, and HBS in mechanical engineering and HBA in international studies at Oregon State University. Van Bossuyt has previously conducted research at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the University of Sydney, Universität Karlsruhe, and conducted research in collaboration with the Boeing Company. 

In his spare time, Douglas enjoys riding obscure Japanese motorcycles, backpacking in the mountains, scuba diving, and international travel.

Recent Publications

  • D.L. Van Bossuyt, C. Hoyle, I.Y. Tumer, A. Dong, T. Doolen, R. Malak. A Framework for Risk-Informed Decision Making in Early-Phase Conceptual Design, Research in Engineering Design. In Preparation.
  • D.L. Van Bossuyt, L. Carvalho, A. Dong, I.Y. Tumer. On Measuring Engineering Risk Attitudes, Journal of Mechanical Design, In Press, 2013.
  • D.L. Van Bossuyt, C. Hoyle, I.Y. Tumer, A. Dong. Considering Risk Attitude Using Utility Theory in Risk-Based, Design Articial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp. 393-406. September 2012.
  • D.L. Van Bossuyt, I.Y. Tumer, S. Wall. A Case for Trading Risk in Conceptual Design Trade Studies, Research in Engineering Design, (DOI) 10.1007/s00163-012-0142-0. September 2012. 

Recent Courses

  • Advanced Engineering Design Methods
  • Machine Design





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