Graduate Students


Doctor of Philosophy Students

Name Project Title
Wes Buchanan Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Nashoba terrane, eastern Massachusetts
John DeDecker Alteration associated with basement faults in unconformity-related uranium deposits: Case studies at the McArthur River and Fox Lake deposits, Athabasca basin
Ben Frieman Structural controls on gold mineralization in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt,
Ontario, Canada
Mario Guzman The intermediate sulfidation state epithermal Creede deposit, Colorado
Halley Keevil Geology of the breccia-hosted White Mountain deposit, Jilin Province, China
Timothy MacIntyre Geology and geochemistry of the Kansanshi Cu-Au deposit, Zambia
Samuel Pierre Physicochemical controls on the styles of hydrothermal alteration in volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits
Emily Randall Exploring REE behavior under hydrothermal conditions as a function of temperature and fluid composition: Insights from integrated experimental and field studies
Allison Severson Structural and economic geology: Kinematics of Au-hosted shear zones in the Archean Wawa greenstone belt, northern Minnesota
Miguel Tavars Nassif Structural settings and evolution of gold deposits in the Abitibi greenstone belt, Canada
Subaru Tsuruoka The evolution of hydrothermal fluids from the deep porphyry environment to the shallow epithermal environment

 Master of Science Students

Name Project Title
Lee Alford Hydrothermal alteration and processes of mineralization at Central City, Colorado
Cory Beaver  
Michael Berger Characterization of alkaline igneous rocks and alteration at the Pajarito Mountain REE-Zr deposit, Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, New Mexico
Mary Bingham Chee Orogenic gold deposits of Shandong Province, Jiaodong Peninsula, China
Kim Cone Quantifying igneous textures: An application of crystal size distribution theory in constraining kinetic and mechanical processes in the crystallization of tholeiitic basalts of the 1783-1784 Laki fissure eruptions, Iceland
Lyndsey N. Fisher The formation and ore potential of the albite felsites at Biggejavri, Kautokeino greenstone belt, Finnmark, northern Norway
Lauren Foiles Geochemical analysis and classification of gold mineralization in east-central Alaska
Emilie Gentry Origin and evolution of crustal-scale strike-slip fault systems such as the San Andreas Fault: An investigation at mid-crustal levels in the New England Appalachians
Dante Huff Evaluating the thermal history of Carlin-type gold deposits in northern central Nevada using (U-Th)/He thermochronology
Justin Lowe  
Christopher J. Olson  
Samantha Pascarelli Shallow marine hydrothermal activity at Panarea, Aeolian arc, Italy
Carolyn C. Pauly  
Alyssa C. Smith  
Peng Sun  
David R. Sutterfield Characterization of REE phosphate thermodynamics by calorimetry
Helen C. Twigg  

Professional Master in Mineral Exploration Students

Name Name
Amanda Ayala Trevor S. Copple
Caleb Engle Mark D. Raimo
Patrick C. Scott Matthew Siegel
Patrick J. Wood Lauren R. Zeeck

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