Beyond Mines

“Mines is a small university, serving a worldwide community, committed to a universal mission — to create solutions related to earth, energy and the environment.”
  - Dr. Nigel T. Middleton, Senior Vice President for Strategic Enterprises


Mines’ mission in earth, energy and environment is far-reaching. The impact of education and research in these areas stretches from our backyard to the rest of the world. Technologies and scientific know-how that help acquire and process the world’s resources, deploy energy from multiple sources, and sustain the environment, are global in scope and have strong intersections with society, public policy, economics and business. As Mines strives to unravel the complexity of these issues and promulgate meaningful answers through its research and educational programs, it also seeks to extend this enterprise into the global practicing community.

Mines projects its mission and expertise to individual, corporate, government, academic and international clients through a variety of offerings, partnerships and customized affiliations.

While individual clients may be attracted to open-enrollment offerings in professional education, corporate clients may seek a more customized relationship tailored for specific objectives. Government clients may work with Mines on programs that extend from regulatory compliance to specialized knowledge for staffers. Among academics, there are numerous pathways for interaction, covering the spectrum from K-12 through community colleges and universities. Most importantly, there are no geographic boundaries, and Mines seeks to foster relationships and partnerships all over the world. 


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