Electrical Shop

Edward Brown- 303-273-3337

Campus Fire Alarm Detection Systems

  • Campus Fire Protection and Detection system
  • Campus Fire Alarm network system
  • Campus Life Safety generators
  • Campus Fire Alarm commissioning

Campus High Voltage Electrical Distribution System

  • Campus incoming Xcel Energy feed and main switchgear
  • Campus 13.2 kV electrical distribution by-pass switches and fuses
  • Campus building pad-mounted oil filled transformers
  • CSM owned high voltage overhead lines, transformers, fuses and under ground feeders

Campus Lighting

  • Campus site and parking lot lighting and controls
  • Building lighting systems and controls *
  • Building emergency egress lighting
  • Campus group, relamping * *


* Lighting fixtures and relamping within the air stream of fumes generated in the fume hoods should be modified, replaced and repaired through CSM EH&S Department.

** Day to day lamp replacement will be done by custodial shop.

Building Electrical Distribution Systems

  • Building electrical main distribution centers
  • Building electrical panels and power distribution systems
  • Building electrical devices
  • Building equipment motor control centers, disconnects and remote mounted starters
  • Building grounding systems
  • Campus snow melt system and controls

Campus Electric Systems Support

  • Campus Fire Alarm, master clock and network systems
  • Building equipment VFDs
  • Building clean power suppression systems


Building Operations and Engineering Support

This area of Facilities Management includes the Mechanical Division (managment of environmental and other "automatic" control systems), the Electrical Division (Campus and Building Electrical Distribution, Fire Alarms, etc.).

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