Everett Award

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The Professor Everett Award was established by 1942 petroleum engineering alumnus Frank Ausanka to honor the memory of James R. Everett, an outstanding former faculty member in mathematics at Mines.  The award is given each semester to a graduating senior in mathematics who demonstrates scholarship, leadership, community service and potential for the innovative application of mathematics to mineral engineering.  Recipients' names are added to a display of the Madrid Codices of Leonardo da Vinci, located in the Rare Books Collection in Arthur Lakes Library.  The Codices are also a gift of Ausanka to the school.  In addition to the prestige attached to  the Professor Everett Award, each winner receives a gift of $500 funded by Ausanka.



Nomineees must display leadership skills and valued involvement with the K-12 outreach program.


Previous Recipients:

Date Recipient
2015-2016 John Wakefield
2015-2016 Kownoon Her
2014-2015 Sean Lopp
2014-2015 Sarah Verros
2013-2014 Anastasia Vladislavovna Shpurik
2012-2013 Karen M. Moxcey
2011-2012 Michael C. Firmin
2010-2011 Coutney H. Rhode
2007-2008 Teresa E. B. Davies
2007-2008 Sara Ellen McFarland
2007-2008 Bryan Alan Romero
2006-2007 Erin R. Griggs


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