Requesting a Project Estimate from Facilities Management

If you need an estimate (cost proposal), fill out a work order request .  After receiving your request, Facilities Management will

  • Issue a work order for the cost estimate;
  • Assign a project/estimate coordinator;
  • Contact you to verify the request and determine what type of cost proposal is required.

Smaller request work i.e. office painting, furniture cleaning, etc. will no longer go through the full estimate process unless specifically asked for in the work order request.  Work that is approximately less than $300 will be completed using the work order request as the authorization of work completion, an index will be obtained to cover the costs. Communication through the work order system will be used prior to the start of work if the amount will be over $300 and will need index and approval.  

For budget purposes, we will provide you with an "order of magnitude" conceptual cost proposal. Upon your approval and funding verification, we will work on a detailed cost proposal.

When should you expect your proposal?

Allow 10 working days for the regular and conceptual cost proposals completion.

The time to complete a detailed cost proposal, which may require engineering expertise, design, and auto cad drafting may vary depending on the scope of work. The schedule can be worked out with cost proposal coordinator.

How to Initiate a Project after you have a Cost Proposal.

You will receive an email cost proposal in the form of a memorandum describing the scope of work and cost associated with it. You have 30 days to respond. 

If you would like to start a project: 

  • Reply back to the email and include the Index that you would like to use or send an ISSV to Anna Welscott at Facilities Management.

Facilities Management will issue work order and assign a project coordinator who will contact you with the proposed schedule.

Click here for the Estimate Request Form