Frequently Asked Questions - Current Students

How do I view and accept my Federal Student Loans?

1. Log onto CSM Trailhead

2. Click on Self-Service

3. Select Financial Aid

4. Click on Award, then Award for Aid Year 

5. Select the applicable Award Year

6. Click on Accept Award Offer (Terms & Conditions must be accepted first!)

Click here for more information.

How can I find out which Financial Aid documents I am missing?

1. Log onto your Trailhead account

2. Click on Self-Service

3. Select Financial Aid

4. Click on Eligibility

6. Click on Student Requirements

How can my parent accept the PLUS loan?

For general loan information select the PLUS loan page.

Click here for more information.

Is it too late to accept my loans?

Loans must be accepted and processed prior to the end of the term for which you are enrolled.  Federal loans will take an average of ten working days to process once all documents are complete.  Optional/Alternative loans can take up to four weeks to process.

How can I apply/authorize my College Opportunity Fund (COF)?

To apply for or authorize the COF stipend.

How is the COF applied?

The tuition figure listed in the Cost-of-Attendance budget for Colorado residents takes the College Opportunity Fund stipend into account.

How do I waive my health insurance?

If you have health coverage through another source, you will be able to waive your health insurance using Self-Service through Trailhead.  Click here for information regarding health insurance through CSM.

My cost of attendance includes an amount for room and board, but I won't be living on campus?

We are required by federal regulation to show all components of the educational budget, including room and board.  You will not be charged for room and board unless you live in CSM housing.

I do not have enough money to pay for school. Where can I find out about other resources?

Your financial aid counselor is your best resource to determine what funds are available for you.  Before you consider additional loan funds, consult with your financial aid counselor to determine if you are eligible for other aid. 

How do I establish Colorado Residency for Tuition Purposes?

The Mines Admissions Office makes the initial determination of a student's residency status for tuition purposes.  After a student is enrolled, the Registrar's Office is responsible for residency decisions.  The determination of residency is generally based on the student's intent to make his or her permanent domicile in Colorado, not simply to obtain the lower, in-state tuition rate.  The decision on whether or not to grant residency is based in part on parental support of the student.  The amount of support a student may receive is extremely low and includes funds borrowed on their behalf, e.g. PLUS loans. Further information.

What if I get Colorado residency - am I automatically emancipated (self-supporting) for financial aid?

Even though a parent may declare the student emancipated as part of the residency qualification process, this does not automatically meet the federal and CSM requirements for a student to be considered self-supporting.