New Student Schedules

New Graduate Students

You will work with your major department and academic advisor regarding your classes for your first semester. You will be able to register for courses online through Trailhead.

New Transfer Students

All new undergraduate transfer students will work with the Transfer Coordinator in the Admissions Office to register for their first semester at Mines. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.

New Freshmen

New incoming freshmen students will be registered for their first semester classes by the Reigstrar's Office staff. Any AP, IB or any other transfer credit that new students have completed will be considered when the schedules are created. (For example, if a student has AP credit for Calculus I, he or she will be registered into Calculus II.) Scheduling for incoming students typically begins in mid-July for the Fall semester, and in December for the Spring semester. While schedules are being created during this time, they are still tentative. Students will receive finalized schedules at Orientation the weekend before classes begin.

 All new Freshmen will be registered into a full-time course load. First-semester schedules are typically between 16.0 and 18.0 credit hours. Students will be registered into core classes depending on what is required for the major or interest they have specified on their admissions application. Students will be able to make changes to their schedules after Orientation, on the day classes begin. At this point, new students may add and drop classes from their schedule at will. Please be aware that you may not be able to get back into a class if you remove it from your schedule, as most courses are full when the semester begins.

If you are an incoming student and are interested in adding band, choir, or ROTC classes to your schedule before Orientation, please send an e-mail to with your name, CWID, and which class you are interested in adding to your schedule. If you are a varsity athlete, you will be registered for your sport when your schedule is created. You do not need to add this class to your schedule. If there are other classes you are interested in adding to your schedule, you may register for them the day before classes begin.

Schedules will be available for students to view online through Trailhead. To access your schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Trailhead.
  2. Click on the "Self Service" button. (Located at the top right of the screen.)
  3. Select the "Student" link.
  4. Choose the "Registration" option.
  5. Trailhead will prompt you to select a term. Select the term that you are starting at Mines. (For example, Fall 2010.)
  6. Click "Submit."
  7. From the Registration page, you may view your schedule in two ways: "Student Detail Schedule" will provide you a list of the classes that you are registered for, including locations, instructors, times, credit hours, etc. "Week At a Glance" will provide you with a grid layout of your schedule, showing you which days and times you are registered for classes. The subjects and names of the classes will also be displayed. Please note that if you use the Week At a Glance option, the first Monday of the semester will be blank. Please be sure to move the date to the second week of classes to ensure that your Monday classes appear on your schedule as well.

Registrar's Office staff will be available at Orientation in order to assist students with questions regarding their schedules. Schedules will not be changed for incoming students unless there is a valid extenuating circumstance that requires a schedule change. The student must provide copies of medical or legal documentation for their schedule to be changed. Students are welcome to view class options on Trailhead, and the Registrar's Office will be able to assist students with changing sections in a class provided there is room in the class and there is not a conflict with another class that the student is already registered for.

New Freshmen students will be able to access information regarding the textbooks needed for their classes online through Trailhead. When viewing your Student Detail Schedule (as described above) you will be able to click on the textbook link to go to the CSM Bookstore website. From here you may enter the course subject, number, and section to view which books you will need for your classes. This will also allow you to order textbooks from the CSM Bookstore for your courses.

Enrollment Verifications will be available to Freshmen approximately one week before the beginning of the semester. Please see the Enrollment Verifications page for instructions on how to obtain this document.

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