Van Tuyl Lecture Series

The Van Tuyl lectures are given every Thursdays 4:00-5:00 p.m. in Berthoud Hall Room 241.

Dates Presenters
August 21 Orientation –  Department BBQ
August 28 Christian Shorey, CSM:
“Communicating Science to the Public through Story”
September 4 Andre Revil, CSM, Joint Heiland/Van Tuyl:
“Deterministic and Stochastic Hydrogeophysics”
September 11 Navid Rafatian, BHP Billiton:
“Petrophysical Characterization of the Pore Space in Permian Wolfcamp Rocks”
September 18 Bob Weimer Trail Tour, No Lecture
September 25 Gavin Hayes, USGS:
“Mind the Gap – the Iquique, Northern Chile Earthquake Sequence of March-April 2014”
October 2 David Hyndman, Michigan State University:
“Using Coupled Landscape, Atmosphere, and Socioeconomic Systems Models to Examine Water Sustainability across the High Plains Aquifer”
October 9 Sven Egenhoff, Colorado State University:
“Depositional Environments of Black Shales and The Anoxic-Dysoxic Dispute – The Williston Basin Of North  Dakota, USA, During Upper Bakken Times As A Key Example”
October 16 Tim Covino, Colorado State University:  
“Physical and Biological Controls on Water and Solute Retention from Reach to Catchment Scales”
October 23 Stephen Marshak, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:
“Tectonics of the United States Midcontinent: Emerging Insight from the Earthscope "OIINK" Project”
October 30 Neal Driscoll, University of California San Diego:
“Segmentation and Step-overs along Fault Systems in the Inner California Borderlands: Implications for Fault Architecture and Basin Formation”
November 6 Nicole C. Hurtig, McGill University, Montreal:
“Metal Transport in Hydrothermal Fluids: Application to Ore Forming Systems “
November 13 Weimer Distinguished Lecturer
Dr. Scott W. Tinker, University of Texas at Austin:
“Energy Generation(s) A 60-Year Perspective”
November 20 Roy Haggerty, Oregon State University-Geological Sciences:
“Interaction of Climate and Land Use Change with Water Resources in the Willamette Basin, Oregon”
November 27 Thanksgiving Break, No Lecture


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