Van Tuyl Lecture Series

The Van Tuyl lectures are given every Thursdays 4:00-5:00 p.m. in Berthoud Hall Room 241.

Dates Presenters
January 9 Mazakazu Niwa, Japan Atomic Energy Agency: “Groundwater Pressure Changes in Central Japan Induced by the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake, and their Relationship with Faults”
January 16 Ed Nissen, CSM: “The Role of Thick Evaporites in the Seismicity and Tectonics of Fold-and-Thrust Belts”;
January 23 Mousumi Roy, Univ of New Mexico: “Cenozoic Magmatic Patterns in the Western US and their Relation to Evolution of the Colorado Plateau”
January 30 Bruce Hart, Statoil North America: “What is Shale? Clarifying the Muddy Terminology Waters”
February 6 Brigette Martini, Corescan Pty. Ltd.: “Back to Basics: Automated, Accurate and Precise Mineralogical and Textural Logging for the Resource Industry”
February 13 Elizabeth Holley, CSM: “Geology & Geological Engineering Student Research Fair”
February 20 Ken Ridgeway, Purdue: “Cenozoic Flat-Slab Subduction Processes and the Tectonic Development of Southern Alaska”
February 27 John Warme, CSM: “Tripping over Catastrophes: Outcrop Serendipity”
March 6 Alberto Malinverno, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University: “Gas Hydrates, Methanogenesis, and Carbon Cycling at Continental Margins”
March 13 Spring Break, No Lecture
March 20 John Ridley, CSU: “Fluids of Orogenic and Intrusion-Related Gold Deposits: What Can the Compositions Tell Us about Ore Genesis?”
March 27 Ricardo Gonzalez-Pinzon, University of New Mexico: “Ecohydrological Controls on the Transport and Fate of Reactive Solutes in Streams”
April 3 Andrew Parsekian, University of Wyoming: “Revealing the Hydrologic Properties of Engineered Groundwater Systems Using Geophysical Measurements”
April 10 Jaelyn Eberle, University of Colorado, Boulder: “Life at the Top of the Greenhouse Eocene World— the Eocene Vertebrate Fauna from Canada’s High Arctic”
April 17 Ron Steel, University of Texas: “The Development of the Sequence Stratigraphy Revolution”


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