GSG Graduate Continuance Fellowship ($9,000 maximum)*


Updated: 30 January 2017

Colorado School of Mines graduate students are often times funded through multiple sources, including government institutions (e.g., National Science Foundation) and industry, through teaching and research assistantships. At a minimum, funding covers the cost of performing research, but may also include tuition assistance and/or stipends for the graduate research assistants. Over the course of a doctoral research career (commonly five years), this funding may become unstable or be eliminated altogether. Without a diversity in funding sources, assistantship support may be reduced or eliminated for students who have become accustomed to such support. The purpose of this grant program is to provide partial, temporary assistance for late-term graduate students that will allow them to complete their degree when a primary funding source has been prematurely terminated.


*GSG has relinquished the financial and logistical responsibility of facilitating the Continuance Fellowship to the Office of Graduate Studies under the condition that the Graduate Student Government remains involved in the evaluation process of eligible candidates and any modifications made to the eligibility requirements.