Grade Changes

Official grade changes must be submitted to the Registrar's Office directly from the instructor of the course. Grade change forms cannot be handled by the student at any point in the process. Once a grade change for a student has been submitted, it will generally be processed the same day it is received in our office. Students can view their updated grades and GPA information on Trailhead.

Please remember not to include grades or other non-directory information via email unless it is in an encrypted document since email is not a completely secure form of communication. Official grades are not considered directory information, and sending them via email without security violates FERPA (the Federal law which protects a student’s data). For a list of directory information, please visit the FERPA web page and click on the Directory Information link.

 Grade Appeal Process

Mines Faculty members have the responsibility, and sole authority for, assigning grades. As instructors, this responsibility involves clearly stating the instructional objectives of a course, defining how grades will be assigned in a way that is consistent with those objectives, and then assigning grades. It is the student's responsibility to understand the grading criteria and then maintain the standards of academic performance established for each course in which he or she is enrolled.

If a student believes he or she has been unfairly graded, the student may appeal this decision first to the instructor of the course, and if the appeal is denied, to the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Affairs Committee is the faculty body authorized to review and modify course grades, in appropriate circumstances. Any decision made by the Faculty Affairs Committee will place the burden of proof on the student. For a grade to be revised by the Faculty Affairs Committee, the student must demonstrate that the grading decision was unfair by documenting that one or more of the following conditions applied:

  1. The grading decision was based on something other than course performance unless the grade was a result of the penalty for academic dishonesty.
  2. The grading decision was based on standards that were unreasonably different from those applied to other students in the same section of that course.
  3. The grading decision was based on standards that differed substantially and unreasonably from those previously articulated by the instructor.

To appeal a grade, the student should proceed as follows:

  1. The student should prepare a written appeal of the grade received in the course. This appeal must clearly define the basis for the appeal and must present all relevant evidence supporting the student's case.
  2. After preparing the written appeal, the student should deliver this appeal to the course instructor and attempt to resolve the issue directly with the instructor. Written grade appeals must be delivered to the instructor no later than 10 business days after the start of the regular (fall or spring) semester immediately following the semester in which the course grade was received. In the event that the course instructor is unavailable because of leave, illness, sabbatical, retirement, or resignation from the university, the course coordinator (first) or the Department Head/Division Director (second) shall represent the instructor.
  3. If after discussion with the instructor, the student is still dissatisfied, he or she can proceed with the appeal by submitting three copies of the written appeal plus three copies of a summary of the instructor/student meetings held in connection with the previous step to the President of the Faculty Senate. These must be submitted to the President of the Faculty Senate no later than 25 business days after the start of the semester immediately following the semester in which the course grade was received. The President of the Faculty Senate will forward the student's appeal and supporting documents to the Faculty Affairs Committee, and the course instructor's Department Head/Division Director.
  4. The Faculty Affairs Committee will request a response to the appeal from the instructor. On the basis of its review of the student's appeal, the instructor's response, and any other information deemed pertinent to the grade appeal, the Faculty Affairs Committee will determine whether the grade should be revised. The decision rendered will be either: 1) the original grading decision is upheld, or 2) sufficient evidence exists to indicate a grade has been assigned unfairly. In this latter case, the Faculty Affairs Committee will assign the student a new grade for the course. The Committee's decision is final. The Committee's written decision and supporting documentation will be delivered to the President of the Faculty Senate, the office of the EVPAA, the student, the instructor, and the instructor's Department Head/Division Director no later than 15 business days following the Senate's receipt of the grade appeal.

The schedule, but not the process, outlined above may be modified upon mutual agreement of the student, the course instructor, and the Faculty Affairs Committee.

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