Grade Replacement Policy

The Colorado School of Mines maintains a strict grade replacement policy. Current courses completed may NOT be used to replace a prior grade. For courses that may be repeated for credit such as special topics courses, credit is awarded and grades are counted in the grade-point average up to the maximum hours allowed for the course.

Between Fall 2007 and Summer 2011, Mines allowed grade replacements for courses not repeatable for credit. The most recent grade for the course replaced the prior grade and was counted towards a student's degree requirements. The most recent grade will be applied to the overall grade-point average even if the previous grade is higher. The course must also have been an exact match (course ID, e.g. MATH111=MATH111).

Courses from other institutions transferred to Colorado School of Mines are not counted in any grade-point average. Repeated transfer credit is not accepted. 

All occurrences of every course taken at Colorado School of Mines will appear on the official transcript, along with the associated grade.

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