Heiland Lecture Series: Sept. 13th - 4:00 p.m. CT 102 - Dr. Matthew Haney

09/13/17 4:00 PM

Department of Geophysics - Heiland Lecture Series

Wednesday, September 13, 2017      4:00 p.m.

CT 102

"Earth, wind and fire (and water): Monitoring volcanoes with mechanical waves of all flavors"

Dr. Matthew Haney, USGS & Alaska Volcano Observatory, Anchorage


During eruptions, volcanoes radiate mechanical waves in the form of seismic waves in the Earth, sound waves in the atmosphere, and/or hydroacoustic waves in the ocean. Although these waves make up a small portion of the total radiated energy from an eruption, they can be reliably measured at distance from the volcano and are useful for monitoring. Volcanologists seek to detect and understand these signals to constrain eruption parameters in real-time, such as properties of the volcanic plume. In this talk, I introduce and review co-eruptive generation of acoustic and seismic energy at volcanoes. I then give examples from recent subaerial and submarine eruptions in Alaska and the Northern Mariana Islands. 



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