Heiland Lecture Series: Oct. 11th - 4:00 p.m. CT 102 - Dr. Alicia Hotovec-Ellis

10/11/17 4:00 PM

Department of Geophysics - Heiland Lecture Series

Wednesday, October 11, 2017      4:00 p.m.

CT 102

"Slips, Screams, and Migrating Things: Repeating earthquakes as a toolbox to understand and monitor volcanoes"

Dr. Alicia Hotovec-Ellis, USGS, Menlo Park, CA


Repeating earthquakes are a nearly ubiquitous feature of the seismicity at active and erupting volcanoes worldwide. A seismic source is persistently reactivated, producing nearly identical waveforms that can be identified and clustered by cross-correlation methods. Changes in the timing, location, and waveforms of these earthquakes can be informative about ongoing and evolving processes within a volcano. In this talk, I'll highlight several different examples of the utility of repeating earthquakes to understand a "screaming" volcano in Alaska, changes in the shallow velocity structure of Mount St. Helens, and swarms of deep migrating earthquakes under Mammoth Mountain.



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