Dr. Kamini Singha



  • Ph.D. in Hydrogeology, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University, 2005
  • B.Sc. with Honors in Geophysics, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Connecticut, 1999

Research Interests

  • Fluid flow and contaminant transport in porous media and fractured rock as well as groundwater-surface-water interactions.
  • Integration of hydrologic and geophysical techniques.
  • Mathematical simulation to improve predictive modeling.
  • Quantification of the "geophysical footprint" to constrain the operation of parameters controlling fluid flow and solute.
  • Transport in various settings.
  • Water quality degradation and human behavior.
  • Imaging moisture dynamics in desert ecosystems.
  • Exploring changes in infiltration after fire.
  • Quantifying kinetics of iron reduction given electrical measurements.


  • GEGN 466: Groundwater Engineering (fall)
  • GEGN 467: Groundwater Engineering with Lab (fall)
  • GEGN 584: Field Methods in Hydrology (fall)
  • Coming soon: Water in the West (spring) and Matlab for Earth Sciences (spring)


  • For a full, up-to-date list of publications, please click here.



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