First-year, freshmen students living on-campus are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus unless a parking permit is obtained in advance, from the lottery system or through the waiver process. Freshmen who receive a permit from the waiver or lottery system will receive one (1) Resident permit only to park exclusively in Lot AA.  The annual cost for a 2017/2018 Resident parking permit is $200 and the permit will be valid through July 2018.  Campus parking policies are enforced year-round, including holidays, summers, and semester breaks.  


Following the closure of the Freshmen Lottery, those first year resident freshmen who demonstrate an exceptional need for a vehicle on campus may complete a First Year Resident Freshman Parking Waiver Application to request a waiver of Section 5.2 of the Vehicle Operation and Parking policy, if they were not selected in the Lottery. A limited number of spaces have been allotted to accommodate first year resident freshmen on an exception basis. Waivers for the Fall Semester are reviewed following the closure of the first lottery drawing each academic year.  If you are considering submitting a waiver for the fall semester, please enter the lottery drawing first, then submit your waiver if your name was not drawn.

Freshmen resident students who receive a waiver of the housing requirement will also receive a parking permit waiver allowing the student to purchase a General or Commuter permit; a waiver need not be submitted.

To complete a waiver, please continue reading...  First year resident freshmen students may apply for a permit when frequent access to a vehicle is required for one of the following:

  1. Off-campus employment. The student will need to submit the most recent pay stub with an address which must be further than five miles from the campus. In addition, a pay stub must be submitted to the Parking Office by the 10th of each month as proof of continued employment.
  2. Meeting military service requirements. A letter from the applicant’s commanding officer on unit stationery must be submitted including: 1) full unit designation, 2) drill location and 3) a drill schedule that reflects required attendance.
  3. Extreme Transportation Need. This includes any other transportation need deemed valid by the review committee (see below). Having a car for convenience does not qualify for this exception.

For applicants with accessibility issues or medical conditions that necessitate parking a vehicle on campus, a disability placard from the applicant’s home state Department of Motor Vehicles must be obtained before completing the waiver application.


Applications will be reviewed by a committee which includes student representatives, faculty, and staff.  Granted waivers will be kept to a minimum. Documentation to support the request is required. Incomplete applications will be denied.  Waiver applications should be turned in as soon as the need arises. Review of waiver applications for the current academic year will begin after the first lottery closes.  Decisions will be emailed via campus email to waiver applicants no later than six weeks from the date the application was reviewed.  First year resident freshmen awaiting waiver decisions are not permitted to park vehicles on campus and can expect to be ticketed, booted, and/or towed.

Consequences for Waiver Application Fraud

Freshmen who obtain a parking permit by providing falsified information, as well as upperclassmen who attempt to purchase a permit for first year resident freshmen or other restricted class, will have future parking privileges revoked and may face further action under the Student Conduct Process.

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Campus email accounts must be activated at least 1 week prior to entering the lottery.  The lottery is not a first-come, first-served process.  As long as your name is added to the Resident Lottery waitlist before the closing date/time, all students on the list have an equal chance of being selected.  Having a campus email will simplify the process of entering the lottery, as winners are notified exclusively through their campus email.  Adding your name to waitlists other than the Resident Lottery waitlist may exclude you from the lottery process. 

In a typical year, the lottery is conducted in a maximum of 3 rounds, if needed.  This year, an additional drawing will occur in January.  In the first round, names are selected on the first business day after the lottery closes. Selected winners will receive an e-mail notification via their campus email (  In the second round, those unclaimed permits from Round One will be drawn only from those names not selected in the first-round.

The Last Chance final round lottery drawing will be held for those parking spaces that may still be available after the 2nd drawing, if any.  All Resident Freshmen that have not already paid for a permit may add themselves to the Last Chance lottery, which opens following the close of the first drawing.  The Last Chance lottery closes at 5:00PM on July 21 and winners will be notified by email the next business day. 

TO ACCEPT AND RETAIN YOUR PERMIT, selected winners must provide payment in full (mail a check, come to the Parking Office to pay, or call with a credit card payment) by the posted deadline date and time provided.  Please make sure your mailed payment is sent in plenty of time to arrive at our distribution center and then be delivered to the Parking Office by the posted deadline.  Deadlines are provided in each winning email notification and payments not received by the deadline will be returned and the permit forfeited.

Due to construction, the number of available Resident permits will be reduced from previous years in the first round lottery.  This academic year only, there will be an additional lottery drawing for those spaces that will become available following construction.  These spaces will be available to those Resident Freshmen students who have added their names to the Last Chance waitlist.  This drawing will occur in the month of January.


The lottery is held during the summer each year. Winners not responding by the posted deadline will forfeit a parking permit for the year. The important dates are listed below. Note that those who were not selected in round one will automatically roll over for Round 2, which will occur only if there are unclaimed permits from round one.  All others may add their names to the Last Chance Lottery to be held at the end of July for any other available or unclaimed permits.  Click on ROUND 1 below to create an account and enter the first round Resident Lottery (look for Add/Edit Waitlist).


Opened:  May 4, 2017 at 08:00am MT

Closed:  June 3, 2017 at 5:00pm MT

Drawing Occurred:  June 5, 2017

Payment Deadline: June 16, 2017 at 5:00pm MT


Drawing occurred:  June 19, 2017

Payment Deadline: Friday, July 5, 2017 at 5:00pm MT


Opened: June 6, 2017

CloseD:  July 21, 2017 at 5:00pm MT

Drawing occurs:  July 24, 2017

Payment Deadline: Friday, August 4, 2017 at 5:00pm MT


Lottery Opens:  June 6, 2017

Lottery Closes:  TBD

Drawing occurs:  TBD

Payment Deadline: TBD


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