Level 300-325 Course Descriptions

LAIS 300: Creative Writing: Fiction
Students will write weekly exercises and read their work for the pleasure and edification of the class. The midterm in this course will be the production of a short story. The final will consist of a completed, revised short story. The best of these works may be printed in a future collection. Prerequisite: LAIS 100, Co-requisite: LAIS 200. Semester hours: 3.

LAIS 301: Creative Writing: Poetry I
This course focuses on reading and writing poetry. Students will learn many different poetic forms to compliment prosody, craft, and technique. Aesthetic preferences will be developed as the class reads, discusses, and models some of the great American poets. Weekly exercises reflect specific poetic tools, encourage the writing of literary poetry, and stimulate the development of the student’s craft. The curriculum includes weekly writing workshops, reading response essays, a book review and biography, a mid term exam, and a final writing portfolio. The purpose of the course is to experience the literature and its place in a multicultural society, while students “try on” various styles in order to develop their own voice. Prerequisite: LAIS 100, Co-requisite: LAIS 200. Semester hours: 3

LAIS 305: American Literature: Colonial Period to the Present
This course offers an overview of American literature from the colonial period to the present. The texts of the class provide a context for examining the traditions that shape the American nation as a physical, cultural and historical space. As we read, we will focus on the relationships between community, landscape, history, and language in the American imagination. We will concentrate specifically on conceptions of the nation and national identity in relation to race, gender, and class difference. Authors may include: Rowlandson, Brown, Apess. Prerequisite: LAIS 100, Co-requisite: LAIS 200. Semester hours: 3.


LAIS 309: Literature and Society
Before the emergence of sociology as a distinct field of study, literary artists had long been investigating the seemingly infinite complexity of human societies, seeking to comprehend the forces shaping collective identities, socio-cultural transformations, technological innovations, and political conflicts.  Designed to enrich recognition and understanding of the complex interplay of artistic creativity and social inquiry over time, this course compares influential literary and social-scientific responses to the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and other dynamic junctures integral to the forging of “modernity” and the volatile world we inhabit today. Prerequisite: LAIS 100, Co-requisite:  LAIS 200. Semester hours: 3.

LAIS 310: Modern European Literature
This course will introduce students to some of the major figures and generative themes of post-Enlightenment European and British literature. Reading, discussion, and writing will focus on fiction, poetry, drama, and critical essays representing British, French, Germanic, Italian, Czech, and Russian cultural traditions. Engaging these texts will foster understanding of some of the pivotal philosophical, political, and aesthetic movements and debates that have shaped modern European society and culture. Thematic concerns will include the French Enlightenment and its legacies, imperialism within and beyond Europe, comparative totalitarianisms, the rise of psychoanalytic theory and existentialism, and modernist and postmodern perspectives on the arts. Prerequisite: LAIS 100, Co-requisite: LAIS 200. Semester hours: 3.

LAIS 315: Musical Traditions of the Western World
An introduction to music of the Western world from its beginnings to the present. Prerequisite: LAIS 100, Co-requisite: LAIS 200. Semester hours: 3.

LAIS 320: Introduction to Ethics
A general introduction to ethics that explores its analytic and historical traditions. Reference will commonly be made to one or more significant texts by such moral philosophers as Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Kant, John Stuart Mill, and others. Prerequisites: LAIS 100; Co-requisite: LAIS 200.. Semester hours: 3.

LAIS 322: Logic
A general introduction to logic that explores its analytic and historical traditions. Coverage will commonly consider informal and formal fallacies, syllogistic logic, sentential logic, and elementary quantification theory. Reference will be commonly be made to the work of such logical theorists as Aristotle, Frege, Russell and Whitehead, Quine, and others. Prerequisites: LAIS 100; Co-requisite: LAIS 200. LAIS 200

LAIS 323: Introduction to Science Communication
This course will explore the relationship between science and the public through an examination of science writing and communication on current events. Students will study various forms of science communication, including essays, blogs, news segments, media clips, and radio programs in order to understand the ways in which science is communicated beyond the lab or university and into the public consciousness. Science writing often explores the human condition, reflects on hopes and worries about technology, and informs our collective knowledge about the world. Students will discuss the implications of this kind of communication, analyze breakdowns in communication through case studies, and write for peer and popular audiences, including turning a lab report into a short feature article and writing a science essay. Prerequisites: LAIS100, and pre- or co-requisite of LAIS200 hours lecture; 3 semester hours. 

LAIS 324: Audio/Acoustical Engineering and Science
Audio/acoustical engineering and science teaches concepts surrounding the production, transmission, manipulation and reception of audible sound. These factors play a role in many diverse areas such as the design of modern music technology products, recording studios and loudspeakers, civil engineering and building design, and industrial safety. This course will explore and concepts of this field and the physics/mechanics that are involved, as well as aesthetic impacts related to the subject matter. Discussion of human anatomy and psycho acoustic phenomena are also presented. 3 hours lecture; 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: LAIS100. Prerequisite or corequisite: LAIS200. 

LAIS 325: Cultural Anthropology
A study of the social behavior and cultural development of humans. Prerequisites: LAIS 100; Co-requisite: LAIS 200. Semester hours: 3.

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