HASS faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized scholars and devoted teachers who expect high levels of academic performance from each of their students.

Hussein A. Amery, Graduate Admissions Chair, Associate Professor, Division Director (Profile)
Stratton Hall 318 •  303.273.3339  •  hamery@mines.edu
Hussein A. Amery, Ph.D. (McMaster University: Geography) specializes in water politics and policy, as well as the political economy and culture of the Middle East.  He has written on water management and conflict on the Jordan River, Euphrates River, and on Islamic water management. He is currently working on water security in the Arab World.   

Elizabeth Van Wie Davis, Professor (Profile) Sabbatical Spring 2017
Stratton Hall 306  •  303.273.3567  •  edavis@mines.edu
Elizabeth Van Wie Davis, Ph.D. (University of Virginia: Foreign Affairs) specializes in Asia. She has lived and worked in Asia for many years. Initially her academic research focused on China. After 17 years in academia, Dr. Davis took a hiatus to work for the US Government on preventive diplomacy issues related to Asia. The USG projects included discussions on China with Pakistan, aiding Bangladesh during a difficult political time, and working with the Nepalese officials during the transition from monarchy to representative democracy. 

Kathleen J. Hancock, Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Program (Profile)
Stratton Hall 322  •  303.384.2407  •  khancock@mines.edu
Kathleen J. Hancock, Ph.D. (University of California, San Diego: Political Science) specializes in regional economic integration. Dr. Hancock brings a global and comparative regional focus to the IPE program. Her research includes detailed analyses of integration led by Russia, South Africa, and Prussia, with an emphasis on the role of oil, natural gas, and minerals. Her current research examines economic regionalism in sub-Saharan Africa and renewable energy as a development strategy for sub-Saharan Africa. 

John R. Heilbrunn, Steering Committee Chair, Associate Professor (Profile)
Stratton Hall 320  •  303.273.3766  •  jheilbru@mines.edu
John R. Heilbrunn, Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles: Political Science) specializes in sub-Saharan Africa. His research includes work on oil exporters in Africa, African development, corruption and development, and the political economy of natural resources.  In addition, Mr. Heilbrunn is a Research Associate of the L'Afrique dans le Monde (LAM) Center at SciencesPo-Bordeaux.  He has professional experience in over 40 countries in four regions of the world.  In addition, Mr. Heilbrunn is  a consultant to World Bank and he has consulted for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the OSCE, the United States Department of State, and a number of bilateral development agencies.  He is a native speaker of English and fluent in French. 

Derrick Hudson, Teaching Associate Professor (Profile)
Stratton Hall 329  •  303.273.3585dkhudson@mines.edu
Derrick Hudson, Ph.D. (University of Denver: International Relations) specializes in sub-Saharan Africa.  His expertise is in African politics, religion and politics, and the role of truth commissions in Africa.  Dr. Hudson also brings a comparative political economic perspective to the program.  He is developing expertise in natural resources and politics in Africa, especially oil, mining, and water issues. His current research explores the transition processes of the new state of southern Sudan.

Jon A. Leydens, Associate Professor (Profile)
Stratton Hall 420 • 303.273.3180 •jleydens@mines.edu

Jon A. Leydens, Ph.D. (Colorado State University: Education) specializes in rhetoric and mass media studies, with particular interests in applications to energy, science, and engineering. He has written on the role of writing in engineering workplaces and the role of listening in engineering and sustainable community development contexts. At present, he is working on issues of (in)commensurability between engineering and social justice.

Juan Lucena, Professor (Profile)
Stratton Hall 424 • 303.273.3564 • 
Juan Lucena, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech: Science and Technology Studies) specializes in political, cultural and historical analyses of engineers and engineering. Dr. Lucena brings a global and comparative perspective to understand key agents in natural-resource and energy areas – the engineers – and how they often attempt to bring conflicting goals, such as efficiency and social justice, into the making of technologies. His research includes interdisciplinary analyzes of engineering cultures (Brazil, Britain, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, Russia, US), the intersections between engineering and community development and between engineering and social justice. He is currently working on an NSF-sponsored research project on adaptation to climate change of engineered systems.

Kenneth Osgood, Professor and Director of the Guy T. McBride Jr. Honors Program 
Stratton Hall 315 or McBride House  •  303-273-3596  • kosgood@mines.edu
Kenneth Osgood, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara) specializes in the history of U.S. foreign relations. His expertise is in 20th Century U.S. History, with an emphasis on political and diplomatic history. His research focuses on the impact of propaganda and the intelligence community on American foreign policy and political culture. He has also published on such issues as civil rights, arms control and the nuclear arms race, outer-space exploration, public diplomacy, and the role of culture in international relations.

Jessica Smith, Assistant Professor
Stratton Hall 402 • 303-273-3944
Jessica Smith, Ph.D. (University of Michigan: Anthropology) specializes in the sociocultural dynamics of mining and extractive industries, with emphases in social justice, gender and corporate social responsibility. She teaches coures in energy and society and cultural anthropology. Her current research projects examine corporate practice, energy policy and community development.
Jay Straker, Associate Professor (Profile)
Stratton Hall 316  •  303-273-3545   •  jstraker@mines.edu   
Jay Straker, PhD (Emory University: Program in Culture, History, and Theory) specializes in sub-Saharan Africa. Anchored in extensive experience in the Republic of Guinea, Dr. Straker’s research and writing focus on changing experiences and representations of youth in twentieth and twenty-first century West Africa. Languages in addition to English: French.




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