Maximum Hours per Semester

Each semester, a student may register for a maximum number of credit hours. This number will vary depending on the student's status. A student may register for up to the number of credit hours listed below:

Undergraduate Students

  • Spring and Fall semesters, students not on Academic Probation - 19 hours
  • Spring and Fall semesters, students on Academic Probation - 15 hours
  • Summer I and Summer II semesters - 12 hours

Graduate Students

  • All semesters - 15 hours

Students may obtain a Registration Action form from the Registrar's Office in order to increase the maximum number of credit hours that they can register for in a given semester. The student's Academic Advisor must sign the form to give the student permission to register for additional credit hours. Any registered hours over the listed maximum will incur additional tuition and fees.

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