Military Request for Student Recruiting Information

This form is used to request a list containing student recruiting information for students enrolled for at least one credit during the semester and year requested. In 1996, Congress passed a series of laws that address Military Recruiting and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Program Access to Students of Higher Education (commonly referred to as the "Solomon Amendment") in order to help military recruiters meet congressionally-mandated recruitment numbers. Under these laws, colleges must give recruiters access to their campuses and provide them with lists containing "student recruiting information." Some of this information may be prohibited for release to anyone if it is not designated by Mines as directory information under FERPA. However, since the Solomon Amendment overrides FERPA, it gives the military the right to receive data designated as "student recruiting information." If an institution or its sub-element does not comply, the entire institution risks losing certain federal funds.

As defined in the Solomon Amendment, military recruiters may request "student recruiting information" from the Registrar's Office at the Colorado School of Mines. "Student recruiting information" is defined as a current student's name, address, telephone number, age (or date of birth), level of education (e.g. freshman, sophomore, graduate student, etc.), academic major, and degrees received.

A military recruiter in one of the eligible units within the Military Service may submit a request for student recruiting information once per semester. The eligible units are as follows:

  • Army: Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard
  • Navy: Navy, Navy Reserve
  • Marine Corps: Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve
  • Air Force: Air Force, Air Force Reserve
  • Coast Guard: Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve

In addition to these units, ROTC units from each of the four branches of service may also request student recruiting information once per semester.

To submit a request for Student Recruiting Information, please complete this form:

Military Request for Student Recruiting InformationPDF versionText only version

Requests may be sent to the Registrar's Office via any of the following methods:

Mail to:
Colorado School of Mines
Registrar’s Office
Attn: Reporting Specialist
1600 Maple Street
Golden, CO 80401
Fax to:
Colorado School of Mines
Registrar’s Office
Attn: Reporting Specialist
E-Mail to:
Subject line: Military Request for Student Recruiting Information
(Please include the request as a scanned attachment with a signature.)
Once the request is received by the Registrar's Office, the information will be provided in the format specified in the request within the required 45 days.

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