School Contracts


  •  Apple® Mac Computers - please contact Ed Showers at the CSM Bookstore, 303-273-3113, or shop at their website. No hassle ease-of-purchase with an on-campus vendor to get the Mines/State of Colorado discount and tax exemption for CSM business-related purchases.  Can also be used for student purchases but tax would apply.   
  • Dell Computers - No hassle ease-of-purchase using this website to get the Mines/State of Colorado discount and tax exemption for CSM business-related purchases.  You may also contact CSM's Dell representative, Thomas Bedeian at 800-981-3355 ext. 5139002, fax 512-283-9726,

Computer Peripherals and Networking

Lab Equipment and Supplies



RMRM Inc (Sales Rep: Debbie Tate 720-252-9409)


Staff Directory

Business Operations

Vicki Nichol
Assistant Vice President, Financial Planning & Business Operations

Natalie Martinez
Procurement and Risk Manager

Location                                                                                                                                                         Guggenheim Bldg.
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401-1887
main (303) 273-3268
fax (303) 273-3971

Purchasing/Procurement Services

Jacqueline O'Bryan
Contract Administrator
Senior Purchasing Agent
(303) 273-3062

Michael Craig
Purchasing Agent
Systems Support Administrator
(303) 273-3972

Danielle Davis
Purchasing Agent
(303) 273-3258

Megan Averch
Administrative Assistant
(303) 273-3268


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