Mines Emergency Alert

To report an emergency, call 911.

To be informed in the event of a future campus emergency, sign up for Mines Emergency Alerts. The Mines Emergency Alert system (MEA) is an emergency notification service that allows university officials to quickly communicate emergency messages to students, faculty and staff via cellular phone text and voice messages, and broadcast on-campus e-mail and phone messages. 

To receive emergency messages on your cell phone, you must subscribe. To subscribe, logon to Trailhead and go to "Self Service," click on "Personal Information" and then "Mines Emergency Alert System." The contact information you provide only will be used for delivering emergency messages via the Mines Emergency Alert system.


Can my parents or other family members also sign up so they will know what is going on?
No. This system is designed to notify people on the Mines campus in the event of a declared emergency or other urgent situation. Information will be posted on the Mines home page and on the university's Facebook and Twitter pages as appropriate.
How do I subscribe?
Logon to Trailhead and go to "Self Service." Click on "Personal Information" and then "Mines Emergency Alert System."
How can I unsubscribe?
Logon to Trailhead and go to "Self Service." Click on "Personal Information" and then "Mines Emergency Alert System."
What if I don't have a cell phone?
MEA messages also will be dispatched to all mines.edu e-mail addresses and the campuswide telephone system. If appropriate, notifications also will be on the Mines home page at mines.edu and/or the main campus telephone line 303-273-3000.
What kind of situation will this notification be used for?
Actual emergencies declared by the Colorado School of Mines emergency personnel and administration, weather-related closure or delay, and other occasions that impact the campus community as deemed necessary by the administration. The system will be tested twice per year.
What do I do if I change my cell phone carrier?
Update your information by logging in to Trailhead, clicking on "Self Service" and then "Personal Information."
Will this cost me anything?
There is no extra charge for calls or text messages from MEA. However, the phone call or text message is subject to the conditions and rates of your particular calling plan. For example, if your calling plan does not include text messaging, you may incur a charge for a text message received from MEA, based on the rates of your cell phone service provider. Please note that with the exception of the signup test and the semester system test, Mines will only send text messages for urgent situations.
What if I do not receive the alert?
Mines will notify the campus community of emergencies through various communication vehicles, including its main telephone line (303-273-3000), campus telephone system, e-mail messages and Web notices among others. Mines and MEA are not responsible for text or voice messages that are not received. Message delivery and the timeliness of the delivery are not guaranteed, and subscribers are responsible for keeping their information current.
How do I know that all of my personal data will be secure and protected by Mines and MEA?
The contact information that you provide for this purpose, such as your cell phone number, will only be provided to MEA for the explicit purpose of notifying you in the event of an emergency. The vendor has agreed that they have no right to use your contact information for any purpose other than notifying you via MEA. The vendor does not have rights to sell, disclose or trade your contact information. Only the individuals employed by the Colorado School of Mines who must use this information to administer and manage the Emergency Notification System will also have access to your contact information. No other access will be allowed except as may be required by law.

Learn more about general emergency procedures on the Mines Public Safety web site