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Dr. Ian Lange gave three talks in the UK throughout the month of October related to his research with PhD student Matt Doyle. The talks were at the University of Stirling, the Oxford Center for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies, and the University of East Anglia. Additionally, Ian was an external examiner for a PhD at the University of Dundee Center for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy.

The Division of Economics and Business is supporting a campus wide initiative directed to the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering. Mines incoming freshman can participate in a new residential Themed Learning Community (TLC)  focused on the National Academy of Engineering's fourteen Grand Challenges. The Grand Challenges TLC is a cross-disciplinary effort to introduce students to the excitement of being an engineer and working on big, global problems from technical, societal and economic & business perspectives. The Grand Challenges TLC was developed by students with the help of Grand Challenges TLC Faculty Friend Mark Mondry from EB. Read more

Dr. Ian Lange co-authored a paper that investigates the consequences of electricity market deregulation and how it impacts coal mining productivity. Read more

Dr. Harrison Fell and his co-authors look at the crediting standards for energy efficiency projects – an important element of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Read more 

PhD student Mike Redlinger analyzes improvements in horizontal drilling within the Bakken Shale Play in northwestern North Dakota and northeastern Montana. Read more

Dr. Peter Maniloff was quoted in http://phys.org, "Trading Program Linked to Significant Emissions Reductions", August 24, 2015. Read More 

Dr. John Titlon will be traveling to Japan in October to give lectures on Resource Depletion and the Long-Run Availability of Mineral Commodities in Tokyo, Akita, and Kyoto. Then later in October I will be in Quito, Ecuador, for a conference.

ETM entrepreneurs turn course work into startup business with comercial and humanitarian application. Read more

Dr. Carol Dahl is named a Senior Fellow of the Payne Institute. Dr. Dahl is an internationally renowned energy economist with a strong public policy emphasis. Read more

Associate Professor Edward J. Balistreri was recently reappointed to a three year term as an Affiliate Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Read more

Dr. Carol Dahl, has been invited to present Energy Poverty and Climbing the Energy Ladder at the Global Event Energy Conference sponsored by Osinerg, the Energy Regulatory Commission of Peru, held November 4-6 in Lima Peru.

PhD Students Ernesto Guzman and Francisco Sotomayor presented at the 2015 Commodity Market Workshop held 20-21 May 2015 in Oslo, Norway. Read more

Dr. Carol Dahl is named a Senior Fellow of the Payne Institute. Dr. Dahl is an internationally renowned energy economist with a strong public policy emphasis. Read more ~/Carol-Dahl_2

Dr. Edward J. Balistreri was recently reappointed to a three year term as an Affiliate Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Read More /Balistreri

Dr. Michael Heeley is working with Dr. Tzahi Cath (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering) and faculty at Yale University on a DOE Sponsored ARPA-E project ($2.6MM award over three years) to develop a novel Osmotic Heat Engine (OHE) that can be used to convert low grade waste heat to electricity. The project is supporting graduate students in the ETM and MEE programs who are working with Dr. Heeley to develop a technology commercialization model that can be used to assess the economic viability of the OHE technology in different markets and applications. Read more

Faculty and graduate students present at the Front Range Energy Camp May 18-19:
Dr. Pete Maniloff: Beneficial Leakage: The Effect of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative on Aggregate Emissions 
Dr. Ian Lange: Determining the Success of Carbon Capture and Storage Projects
Dr. Jared Carbone: An Evaluation of the Performance of Applied General Equilibrium Models on the Impacts of a Carbon Tax
Jacquelyn Pless: Bribes, Bureaucracies, and Blackouts: Towards Understanding How Corruption Impacts Electricity Reliability 
Brett Jordan: Behavior of multi-product mining firms
Mike Redlinger: Drilling Down the Bakken Learning Curve

Ph.D. student Braeton Smith presented his work on material and system substitution in rare-earth magnets at the magnet workshop of the Critical Materials Institute (CMI), on May 6th, hosted by Brown University. Read more

Professor Graham Davis is an Associate Editor of Elsevier's new Journal of Commodity Markets. The purpose of the journal is also to stimulate international dialog among academics, industry participants, traders, investors, and policymakers with mutual interests in commodity markets. The journal held its first Commodity Markets Workshop at University College of Oslo on May 20 and 21. MEE Ph.D. students Francisco Sotomayor and Ernesto Guzman attended the workshop via sponsorship by the workshop organizers and the William J. Coulter Foundation. Read more

Assistant Professor Peter Maniloff is quoted in EnergyWire on March 20th discussing the long-term effect of cutting well drilling on shale oil in the U.S.

CSM faculty participated in an ERI-sponsored collaborative luncheon on January 28th to discuss interdisciplinary research efforts. ERI’s mini-grant program supports research efforts that integrate engineering/applied science and public policy issues. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.Read more

Dr. Ian Lange was the U.S. coal expert at the Asia Pacific Energy Research Center Coal Supply Security workshop in Tokyo on March 20th. He discussed the potential for the U.S. to export coal to the Pacific market and comment on threats to coal supply in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific Energy Research Center is funded by the Japanese government and takes its objectives from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. 


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