Prior approval forms are available in our office during your application process. Each student who studies abroad is required to complete a Prior Approval Form. The form is the student's guarantee that if the course is completed successfully, and the student earns a grade equivalent or better than a CSM grade of "C", he or she will earn credit for the CSM course that has been approved.

Some universities have pre-approved classes already listed, and we are working on making this a reality for all of our partner universities. Check in the office to see if the university you are interested in has a pre-aproved course list! 

The prior approval form is part of the seond step of the online application process, after the initial deadline. You can download the form online and take it to the Registrar's office with a signature. More detailed instructions are in the application itself. 

Looking for the Excel sheet? We have decided to remove this resource because it was becoming too outdated. Please check your host universities website for the latest list of classes they offer. 



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