Close Award

Close Award

In accepting awards, CSM is assuming responsibility for meeting all of the technical and financial reporting requirements of the sponsor. 

Close My Award
Overview Closeout is the final reconciliation and reporting of the expenses and activities of the project and is a combined effort between the PI, local departmental/unit administration, and the Office of Research Administration.

A completed Closeout MemorandumPDF versionText only version (PDF) is required for Closeout.
Determination A project is not considered closed until all contractual and financial information has been submitted and approved by the sponsor.
Scope Per Federal rules and regulations, CSM has 90 days from the expiration date to close a research project.
Expiration Memos Three months prior to expiration of a research project, a 90-day expiration memo is sent to the PI, providing the PI with information regarding the financial status of his/her account. As part of the closeout process, a Grant Administrator in ORA sends reminder notices to PIs 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration (see Sample Notice of Contract Expiration Form).

These memos remind the PI to consider any action needed to close the project, and provides the following information: funding status a (fixed price or cost reimbursable), CSM project number, sponsor name, expiration date, total budget amount, expenditures, encumbrances, available balance, and cost sharing information.
First Notice When a research project reaches its expiration date, a "First Notice" is sent to the PI requesting contractual and financial information, including: extension requests, deliverables submission, associated patents, inventions, royalties or subcontracts; equipment purchase, return or retention, account status and balance and encumbrances.
Subsequent Notices The First and Second Notices are sent to the PI only. If no response is forthcoming from the PI, the Third Notice is sent to the PI, with a carbon copy to the Department Head (see Sample Closeout Form, Third Notice). The Fourth and Fifth Notices are sent to the Department Head only. If no response is forthcoming from the Department Head, the Sixth Notice is sent to the Department Head with a carbon copy to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA). The Seventh Notice is sent to the VPAA to assist ORA in obtaining the necessary information to close the research project.
Notice Delivery Notices are sent out the first and fifteenth of each month after project expiration.
Closeout Completion and File Retention Contractual and financial closeout proceeds once the PI has responded to the closeout notice(s). ORA works with Fiscal Services to prepare and send a final invoice to the sponsor and works with the PIs and various Fiscal Service staff to fill out and mail closing documents required by the sponsor. Information is recorded and notes are placed in the project file regarding closeout status. Once the file is closed, it is stored for seven years.

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Policies & Compliance
Closeout Deficit The Closeout Deficit MemoPDF versionText only version (PDF) defines streamlined closeout policies of ORA.
Sponsor Specific interim and final report requirements are usually included in the sponsor’s terms and conditions, other award documents or in a policy guide or manual. Requirements vary from sponsor to sponsor.
Contractual Checklist

Is the extension being requested of the sponsor? If so, return the Notice to ORA indicating this and no further notices will be sent until the revised expiration date is reached

Have deliverables been submitted? If yes, when were they submitted and has a copy of the title page and transmittal letter been submitted to ORA for the project file? If no, indicate the anticipated date of submittal. No further notices will be sent until the anticipated date is reached

Were there patents, inventions, royalties or subcontracts associated with this project?

Was equipment purchased on this project? If yes,Is the equipment functional?

Has the equipment been returned to the sponsor?

Is the equipment being used on another Federal project? If yes, please identify the project number.

If CSM does not retain title to purchased equipment, do you want ORA to request title? 

Financial Checklist

Is your account overdrawn? If yes, indicate the discretionary account to transfer the deficit to

Is your account fixed fee with a balance remaining? If yes, indicate the discretionary account to transfer the balance to

Is your account cost reimbursable and have a balance remaining? If yes, can ORA close short of budget? If your account is overdrawn, please provide journal entries (Excel) to transfer to another account.

Are there outstanding encumbrances? If yes, please indicate if you wish them to be deleted or transferred to another account. 

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