Initiate Award

Initiate Award

Description Of Process

All incoming research award documents are received by ORA and thoroughly reviewed. If necessary, negotiations are performed to revise and/or delete terms and conditions unacceptable to CSM and/or the State of Colorado. (If you are working with a company that has not previously funded a research project, you can provide them with a Research Agreement (DOC) which they can tailor to their needs.) 


A research account (see Setup Procedures) is set up providing the Principal Investigator with an account number, a copy of the award document, a summary sheet outlining pertinent information regarding his/her project (see Sample Research Project Summary Sheet) and a budget from which to spend. (For a breakdown of Grant Administrators and the departments assigned to them, go to Grant Administrator Assignments.)

If a proposal is selected for funding, the following is the process followed by ORA in setting up a research account.

Upon receipt of a fully executed award document (one that has been signed by both CSM and the sponsor), an account is authorized for setup in the accounting system. The first step in the research project account setup process is to assign a Project Summary Sheet number and a Banner Fund number (accounting), both of which are determined by the funding source.

4-42xxx (Project Summary Sheet) & 1xxxx (Banner Fund No.) are the series designated for Federal sponsors
4-48xxx (Project Summary Sheet) & 3xxxx (Banner Fund No.) are the series designated for State of Colorado sponsors
4-49xxx (Project Summary Sheet) & 5xxxx (Banner Fund No.) are the series designated for private sponsors
4-45xxx and 4-46xxx (Project Summary Sheet) & 6xxxx (Banner Fund No.) are the series designated for consortiums, which are comprised of various sponsors

Next, ORA prepares a Project Summary Sheet  [PDF version] [Text only version] (Word) using information contained in the award document and the CSM proposal. This Project Summary Sheet is an internal document used to provide important information about a research project to various groups on campus.

As part of the setup process, ORA enters codes into several accounting forms in Banner. A budget is also entered into Banner, giving the Principal Investigator(s) authorization to spend the award amount from the sponsor. If academic year release time is applicable, a reminder memo is sent to PI's, Co-PI's, Center Directors, Department Heads, & Administrative Assistants. The Principal Investigator is responsible for submitting the payroll form (Adobe) for charging release time to the project. Last of all, a project file is assembled, which contains accounting setup information, project summary sheet, award document, CSM proposal and correspondence. Questions concerning work in progress or to any of the sponsor's terms and conditions should be directed to ORA, i.e., no-cost extensions, budget realignments, permanent equipment purchased, etc. Amendments to research project accounts follow the same procedures outlined above.

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