Proposal Submission Procedures

Proposal Submission Procedures

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is committed to the success of Mines faculty in developing and submitting proposals. ORA Proposal Analysts work in tandem with faculty during the proposal process to submit accurate proposals that align with school and federal guidelines, policies, and regulations. To that end, it is important that ORA is notified in a timely manner to ensure adequate time for proposal review and submission.


At the time of notification, the information provided to your Proposal Analyst should include:

  • PI and Co-PI name(s)
  • Sponsor (prime sponsor, if applicable)
  • Solicitation (website link or copy)
  • Due Date
  • Proposal Title
  • Period of Performance (start and end dates)
  • Subcontractors (yes/no)
  • Cost share (yes/no)
  • Budget or information to build a budget

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Type of Proposal Proposals that Include When to Notify ORA

Standard Proposals

Submission Examples: basic NSF, industry, foundations

Required documents, at a minimum:

  • Statement of Work
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification

Ancillary documents may include:

  • Biosketch/CV
  • Current/Pending documents
  • Data Management Plan
  • Signed Letter of Intent from ORA
Minimum One Week
5 Business Days

Non-Standard/More Complex Proposals

Submission Example:
Department of Energy

Requires minimum components of a Standard proposal outlined above and may involve:

  • Subcontractors, National Labs, and/or Consultants
  • Cost share – cash, in-kind or 3rd party
  • Reduced overhead waivers
  • Compliance documents – reps and certs, equipment quotes, conflict of interest, human subjects
Minimum Two Weeks
10 Business Days

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Late Notification

If notification was not received 24 hours prior to the sponsors deadline, the proposal will be returned to the faculty member for submission in a future competition.

For all other late notifications, the PI must receive Department Head approval before contacting ORA. If the Department Head is the PI or unavailable, late notice approval by the Dean will be required. If a PI reaches out to a Proposal Analyst first, they will be directed to their Department Head for approval. When contacting their Department Head, the PI will provide their draft proposal documents along with an explanation of why advanced notice was not provided. 

  1. The Department Head (or Dean) reviews the information to determine the technical readiness of the proposal along with the draft budget details.
  2. If the proposal is not ready for submission, the Department Head (or Dean) will return it to the faculty member for submission in a future competition. If the Department Head (or Dean) determines that the proposal is close to complete and ready for submission, the proposal can be forwarded to ORA.
  3. ORA will determine if the late proposal can be submitted without jeopardizing the success of other submissions. If the latter, the proposal will be returned to the faculty member for submission in a future competition and the Department Head (or Dean) will be notified. If it does not jeopardize other proposals, ORA will work with the faculty to submit by the deadline.

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Submitting Proposals

Proposal Analysts are authorized and responsible to submit proposals for faculty. Faculty should not submit proposals without ORA approval. 

Deadlines for Submissions

Completed proposals will be submitted by 5 PM MST on the day of the deadline. A proposal with a deadline of later than 5 PM will be submitted by the Proposal Analyst by 5 PM on the day it is due. 

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Proposal Submission Procedures Document Please read the PDFPDF versionText only version from the offices of Research & Technology Transfer and Administration & Operations regarding the importance of meeting proposal deadlines.
Standard Proposal Submit title, preliminary text, and budget to ORA at least one week before proposal deadline.
Subcontracts Submit documentation for subcontracts  to ORA at least two weeks before proposal deadline.
Cost Sharing or F&A Cost Exceptions Submit budgets that include cost sharing or F&A cost exceptions to ORA at least two weeks before proposal deadline.
Partner Institutions Submit documentation related to partner institutions to ORA at least two weeks before proposal deadline.
Complex and/or Non-standard Instructions Submit aspects of a proposal that are subject to complex and/or non-standard instructions to ORA at least two weeks before proposal deadline.

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What ORA Needs From You
Submission Details Provide ORA with relevant information about your proposal, including the title, and whether it is being submitted through a center, involves cost-sharing, human subjects, or subcontracts, etc. See below for specific requirements and please review pertinent deadlines above.
Sponsor Name and Address; Contact Person Please provide the name and address of the sponsor, and a contact person if applicable.
Proposal Solicitation and/or Instructions Please provide a link to the proposal instructions.
Start and End Dates Make sure you have the correct starting and ending dates on the budget.
Technical Proposal Documents Please provide the technical proposal, including biosketches, technical documents, and current/pending support if required.
Budget If required, please provide a budget in the standard CSM format. Budget templates (XLS) may be found on the ORA Forms & Templates page.
Indirect Cost Exceptions If the sponsor mandates an indirect cost rate that is lower than CSM’s on-campus rate, you must request a budget exception from your Department Head. (If your budget is solely for student support, you do not have to request an exception.) Read the F&A GuidelinesPDF versionText only version (PDF).
Cost Sharing Information If your proposal involves cost-sharing, please provide ORA with details and complete a Cost Sharing Form (DOC) to be signed by your Department Head. Third-party cost sharing requires a letter from the provider signed by an institutional official. See Cost Sharing GuidelinesPDF versionText only version (PDF).
Subcontract Documents If applicable, ORA requires the following items of the subcontractor:
  • Budget - spreadsheet format
  • Budget Justification,
  • Statement of Work
  • Subrecipient Form (DOC), to be completed and signed by the subcontractor's institutional official
  • Other sponsor-required documents, such as budget forms and certifications
Human Subjects Please see the Human Subjects Research website and notify your proposal analyst in advance if you plan to use human subjects in your research.

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What ORA Provides For You
Budget ORA will thoroughly check your budget and make any corrections and recommendations for changes
Record and Document Creation ORA will assign a proposal number to your proposal and create internal documents: a CSM cover page with places for you, your dept. head, center director (if applicable) and Co-PIs to sign; a Check-off Sheet with some questions to answer; other forms as needed.
Sponsor Documents ORA will fill out any cover page or budget forms that the sponsor requires.
Signatures ORA will obtain administrative signatures
Submission Package ORA will check over the submission package to make sure that all the required documents are included
Proposal Submission ORA will submit the proposal, whether electronically, via Cayuse, or by mail or by email.

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Getting Started with Cayuse
Overview Cayuse SP is designed to allow the electronic creation, tracking, and management of proposals and awards along with other aspects of research operations.
Login Please see the System, Login and Browser Information section of the Training & Guidance Cayuse page
Quick Reference Please see the Training & Guidance Cayuse page. The Quick Reference Guide contains information about the navigation and use of the sponsored projects system.

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