Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

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The Outstanding Graduationg Senior Award recognizes a graduating senior with high scholastic achievements and active involvement in departmental and school activities. Two awards are given within the department – one for Computational and Applied Mathematics and one for Statistics. Recipients receive a plaque which is typically accompanied with a monetary award or special departmental gift.




Previous Recipients:

Date Recipient
December 2016  
May 2016 Taylor Chott
May 2016 John Wakefield
December 2015 Kelsey Kalmbach
May 2015 Carson Kent
May 2015 Eric Jones
December 2014 Abigail Branch
May 2014 Andrew Colin Cook
December 2013 Kyle Geyser
May 2013 Dylan Garth Denning
May 2013 Lindsey Sharon Parr
December 2012 Shad Allen
May 2012 Sara Clifton
Demember 2011 Michael Kasberg
May 2011 Mitchell Scott Dushina
May 2011 Janeen Marie Neri
May 2011 Daniel E. Pascua
May 2011 Joshua A. Warner
December 2010 Gary Dean Scheid
May 2010 Thea Ashley Gab
May 2010 Sam A. Geldhof
December 2009 Daniel Jacob Pearson
May 2009 Benjamin James Jones
May 2009 Thomas A. Cullison
December 2008 Jonathan P. Hendricks
December 2008 Kari Lee Macklin
May 2008 Alyson Lin Burchardt
May 2008 Jonathan Albert Maack
May 2008 Rachel Renee Miller
December 2007 Marianne L. Graham
May 2007 Nathan F. Ostrander


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