PA Requirements

Each student at Colorado School of Mines is required to complete four separate semesters of Physical Activity classes (PAGN) of their choice.  Each semester must carry at least 0.5 credit hours for a minimum total of 2.0 credit hours.


  1. A medical excuse verified by a physician;
  2. Veterans, honorably or generally discharged from the armed forces (Student needs to provide Form DD-214 to the Registrar's Office.);
  3. New students entering Mines for the first time who are 26 years or older prior to the first day of class;
  4. Students holding a Bachelor’s degree.

Normally, the Physical Activity requirement is fulfilled during the first two years of attendance. Transfer students should check with the Registrar's Office regarding applicable courses in physical activity. Participation in intercollegiate athletics or club sports may be used for required semesters and hours of physical activity on a one-to-one basis. ROTC students may use their ROTC registration to meet the physical education requirement, where one semester of ROTC will meet one semester of the PAGN requirement.

Students who wish to continue taking physical activity after completing PAGN requirements may continue to apply PAGN credit towards their Free Elective. However, a maximum of 3.0 activity credits in total may apply toward Free Elective.

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