There are three sororities at Colorado School of Mines: Alpha Phi, Pi Beta Phi, and Sigma Kappa.


Alpha Phi (est. 1872, Syracuse University)
-Iota Zeta Chapter

Chapter Website:

Symbols: "Phi Bear", Ivy Leaf
Flowers: Forget-Me-Not, Lily of the Valley
Colors: Silver and Bordeaux
Jewel: --
Open Motto: "Union Hand in Hand"
Philanthropies: Women’s Cardiac Care, Alpha Phi hosts a “Red Dress Gala” event every year as well as a “Heart to Heart” Lunch, Alphatraz and Spring Cleaning, all money from these go to the Alpha Phi Foundation to support research in Womens Cardiac Care
Fun Fact: The Alpha Phi house was designed by an Alpha Phi Alum, so it has its own chapter room for ceremonies and meetings
Activities: Annual Dance Party, Phi Presents, Day at the Lake with Beta Theta Pi, Holiday Cookie Party
Established at Mines: November 5, 2000

*Alpha Phi has passed all fire and safety inspections and is in good conduct. 

Advisor: Laurel Bandy


Pi Beta Phi (est. 1867, Monmouth College)
-Colorado Delta Chapter 

Chapter Website:

Symbols: Angel and Arrow
Flowers: Wine Carnation
Colors: Wine and Silver Blue
Jewel: --
Open Motto
“To promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential, and enrich lives through community service”
PhilanthropiesPi Beta Phi’s main philanthropy commitment is literacy. Their primary philanthropic partner is First Book, an organization committed to ending illiteracy by donating new books to schools and children who have none. Pi Phi also has several of their own philanthropies, including Champions are Readers, a program that Pi Phi chapters can implement in schools to encourage children to read; Arrowmont, a school in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, that focuses on arts education; Read Across America, usually “celebrated” on March 2nd, a day where students are encouraged to read; and Pi Beta Phi Foundation, which helps fund programming for the Fraternity, gives scholarships to Fraternity women, and helps alumnae in financial distress
Fun Fact: Not only does every new member receive a big sister, but she also receives a big link. A link is like an “academic big sister,” a girl from your major (or if she’s not from your major, she is at least older and has taken all those icky core classes) who can help you when you need it. A link can pass down all her old tests and files and whatnot, and that’s what she’s there for—academic support
Ya-Ya in the Wa-Wa with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pink Party, Pi Phis and Bow Ties  
Established at Mines: February 1, 1986

 *Pi Phi has passed all safety and fire inspections and is in good conduct.

Advisor: Shaughnessey Winkelhake


Sigma Kappa (est. 1874, Colby College)
-Zeta Pi Chapter

Chapter Website:

Symbols: Dove and Heart
Flower: Wild Purple Violet
Colors: Maroon and Lavendar
Jewel: Pearl
Open Motto: "One Heart, One Way"
Philanthropies: Gerontology (the study of aging), with a focus on Alzheimer's disease research and programs directed at improving the lives of older citizens; Inherit the Earth; Maine Seacoast Mission
Fun Fact(s): Sigma Kappa's chapter vegetable is the zucchini. Sigma Kappa had the highest greek GPA for 2010 
Beach Party, Memory Walk, UltraViolet Event    
Established at Mines: January 26, 1980

*Sigma Kappa has passed all safety and fire inspections and is in good conduct

Advisor: Megan Hesse