Title IX at Mines

Colorado School of Mines is committed to creating and maintaining an environment free of harassment and sexual violence. Such behaviors are not tolerated at Mines and are prohibited both by law and by University policy. The University will respond promptly and effectively to reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence and will take appropriate action to prevent, to correct, and when necessary, to discipline behavior that violates University policy. Relevant policies that address these issues are below

If You Experience Sexual Violence

If you are a survivor of sexual violence (including sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence), you have rights and you have options. If you are a Mines student, faculty member, staff member, or a visitor to our campus community, you have the right to file a complaint through Mines as well as to explore options outside of Mines.

SpeakUP@Mines | Make a Report
Ethics Hotline: 1-800-461-9330

Mines employs a full-time Title IX Coordinator and a network of Deputy Title IX Coordinators to ensure that Mines addresses any sexual misconduct complaint thoroughly and promptly. Students, employees, volunteers and visitors of Mines who have experienced any form of gender-based discrimination, including sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, are encouraged to report the incident promptly to a Title IX coordinator listed below:
Coordinator for any Mines Community Member:
Karin Ranta-Curran, Title IX Coordinator, Director – Title IX & Equity

Katie Schmalzel, Prevention Programs Manager, Title IX and Equity Office
Deputy Coordinators for Students:

Rebecca Flintoft, Assistant Vice President, Student Services & Administration

Deputy Coordinators for Employees & Third Parties:

Debbie Wernli, Employment Manager, Human Resources

Deputy Coordinators for Athletics:

Dixie Cirillo, Assistant Director – Athletics


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