Personal Information

Address, Phone Number, and E-Mail Address Changes

Personal information including address, e-mail, and telephone number, can be changed online through Trailhead. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Trailhead.
  2. Select "Self Service."
  3. Select "Personal Information."

This page will allow all students, staff, and faculty to update contact information quickly and easily.

Students, when you update your address information through Trailhead, please note these important facts:

  • Always enter a starting date on your address. This can be the current date. Not entering a starting date will result in your address being inactivated.
  • Never enter an end date on your address. Even if the end date is in the future, entering an end date will inactivate your address. This field is only used when inactivating an address to enter a new address.
  • A local mailing address is required for all current students. If you do not have a local mailing address, you may miss important information sent to you by the school.
  • Your Tax or Payroll address cannot be updated through Trailead. This address must be updated directly with the Office of Human Resources.

If you do not have access to Trailhead, or if you are unable to update your address information for any reason, you may come to the Registrar's Office in person to request a Change of Directory Information form, or submit a request to with your name and CWID to have this information updated manually. If you have any questions about changing personal or directory information, please feel free to contact the Registrar's Office directly.

Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Other Changes

Name, Social Security Number, and Other Changes are processed at the Registrar's Office. The Change of Demographic Information is available at the Registrar's Office in person, or can be obtained herePDF versionText only version. Students are required to present a valid form of identification showing both the change and the reason (marriage license, social security card, driver's license, passport, etc.) before any information can be updated by the Registrar's Office. This supporting documentation must include at least one official state or federal ID. Please note that while we are able to accept these documents via mail, fax, or as scanned e-mail attachments, any documents not provided in person must be notarized for security reasons.

Once received by the Registrar's Office, these changes are processed within one week.

Contact Information

Registrar's Office
Student Center E280
1200 16th Street
Golden, CO 80401

P: 303-273-3200
F: 303-384-2253

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