Personal Services

According to HR policy, all purchase requisitions for personal services over $5,000 must be accompanied by a completed “Certification for Personal Services Agreements” form (found on the HR Website) including all the required supporting documents unless a waiver exists. All requisitions above $50,000 must also have an additional completed “Personal Services Business Case” form (found on the HR Website) attached.

Personal Services Agreements (PSA) PolicyPDF versionText only version

Additional Department Instructions: Appendix B PDF versionText only version



Staff Directory

Business Operations

Natalie Vega
Risk Manager and Director of Business Operations

Location                                                                                                                                                         Guggenheim Bldg., RM 125
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401-1887
main (303) 273-3268
fax (303) 273-3971

Purchasing/Procurement Services

Ryan McGuirk
Contract Manager
(303) 273-3062

Jackie Goodall
Purchasing Agent
(303) 273-3972

Danielle Davis
Purchasing Agent
(303) 273-3258

Megan Averch
Business Operations Admin and Copy Center Supervisor
(303) 273-3268


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