Physics colloquium-"Interdisciplinary Aspects of Chemical & Biochemical Sensor Research," Stephen Semancik, NIST, 4-5pm, CTLM102

09/19/17 4:00 PM

Stephen Semancik

NIST, Biomolecular Measurement Divison

"Interdisciplinary Aspects of Chemical and Biochemical Sensor Research"

Abstract:  Microsensor development for the monitoring of chemicals and biochemicals is a highly interdisciplinary endeavor. Enabling technology depends on contributions from fields including chemistry, physics, materials science, electrical engineering and computer science. Transduction approaches involve the fabrication of small-scale functional platforms where gas or solution phase samples interact with incorporated interfacial materials to produce a measurable property change.  This talk will describe three types of sensing configurations: chemiresistive microhotplates for gas-phase detection, and planar electrochemical cells (see image) and nanostructured plasmonic/SERS platforms for biosensing. The presentation will illustrate how lithography and micromachining, deposition of sensing films (ranging from semiconductive oxides to tethered DNA), operational modes that enhance analytical capability (via temperature modulation), as well as signal processing are brought together to enable tiny devices capable of chemical detection/molecular recognition. Varied application sectors will be addressed through examples where gas-phase analytes are sensed (environmental monitoring to medical breath analysis) and solution species are probed (for characterizing biomolecular interactions/stability or detecting single nucleotide polymorphisms).

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