Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions

  • What State Contracts are available for use by the Colorado School of Mines?
    The State of Colorado keeps an active list of contracts by service or commodity via a state web page. As you do your on-line shopping research, click through the state negotiated contracts as each contain unique and individual pricing and contact information.  Check regularly as the State of Colorado adds new contracts frequently.  You may also use the Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing Agreements and the National IPA Agreements.   Please note that Colorado School of Mines has negotiated School Contracts, which not only apply the State of Colorado discounts but directly benefit CSM! 
  • When must bids be issued for goods or services?
    Bids must be issued for purchases of goods costing $10,000.00 or more and for purchases of services costing $25,000.00 or more. Bid types and lengths of bids will vary according to the dollar amount and the good or service being purchased. See Cheat SheetPlease note: goods costing less than $10,000 or services costing less than $25,000, must have a purchase requisition issued PRIOR to ordering the good or service, per Colorado Fiscal Rules.
  • What is the preferred method for making international purchases?
    For all items under $4,500, the preferred purchase method is the procurement card. The procurement card automatically calculates exchange rates and allows for easier returns in problem situations. Otherwise a purchase requisition will have to be issued. Since the International Banker Buyer Rates fluctuate daily and purchase requisitions take a while to establish, the actual cost to CSM may be different than the day the product was quoted. The purchase requisition should have both the U.S. and foreign currency amounts quoted and it should be noted whether the or not the vendor would like to be paid in U.S. dollars or with a foreign draft.
  • How do I produce a product with Colorado School of Mines trademarks or logo?
    Double check for information and the product approval process before any item is produced that contains the Colorado School of Mines  trademark, logo, or branding.
  • How do I order business cards?
    It use to be mandatory to have to order and buy business cards exclusively from Colorado Integrated Document Solutions (IDS), a division of the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration, but due to recent legislation, Senate Bill 3 in 2010 Mines is no longer required to use State Central Services.  Other recommended vendors are Alpha Graphics and Golden Printing Company.  Please visit Mines  Public Relations Resources website for more information and follow the School's processes for business cards, letterhead and envelopes.
  • What is our School's Tax Exemption status?
    The Colorado School of Mines, as a public institution of higher education of the State of Colorado, is exempt from all federal excise taxes under Chapters 32 and 33 of the Internal Revenue Code and from all Colorado State and local government sales and use taxes (CRS 39-26-704(1)).
    The School’s tax exempt status applies only to purchases made for the exclusive business use of CSM with the use of a CSM purchase order, FPO, or procurement card.  The fraudulent use of this tax exemption to secure exception from the payment of taxes will subject all guilty parties to a fine of not more than $10,000, or to imprisonment for not more than five years, or both, together with costs of prosecution.
    Vendors are hereby notified that when materials are purchased for the benefit of the State (i.e., Colorado School of Mines), such exemptions apply except that in certain political subdivisions (e.g, City of Denver) vendors may be required to pay sales or use taxes even though the ultimate product or service is provided to the State. These sales or use taxes will not be reimbursed by Mines.

    Colorado Tax Exempt Certificates are available from Procurement Services to forward to requesting vendors.

Staff Directory

Business Operations

Vicki Nichol
Assistant Vice President, Financial Planning & Business Operations

Natalie Martinez
Procurement and Risk Manager

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1500 Illinois Street
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main (303) 273-3268
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Purchasing/Procurement Services

Ryan McGuirk
Contract Administrator
Purchasing Agent
(303) 273-3062

Michael Craig
Purchasing Agent
Systems Support Administrator
(303) 273-3972

Danielle Davis
Purchasing Agent
(303) 273-3258

Megan Averch
Administrative Assistant
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